You can’t make liberal stuff up

Every time you try, they prove you were for real


So no, Veritas readers, your editors did not create the “Phil Silverman” posts as a way to make liberals, especially Obama acolytes look stupid, ill-informed, and buffoonish.

“Phil Silverman” does all that and whether he really is what he/she exposes himself/herself to be is real, we have no way of knowing.

If this a Veritas contributor doing what some suggest your editors are doing, we will acknowledge that the poster has the talking points down quite well, incoherent as they might seem to informed, thoughtful readers.

Actually, we at Veritas would prefer to hear from liberals who are better informed than “Phil” and who are better able to articulate a message without having to resort to every lame, shopworn Chris Mathews/Rachel Maddow/ Obamaite talking point/cliche/ misrepresentation.

But, sadly, “Phil” , from what we have seen for over six years, is pretty much all the progressive left has:.”Phil”, Michael Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Al Sharpton and the sharp guys whose cronyism milks the taxpayer unmercifully.

So, keep those posts coming, “Phil”, whoever you are. Everybody needs a laugh now and then.  DLH

Then again, if you can rent a fake girlfriend to correspond with . . .

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5 Responses to You can’t make liberal stuff up

  1. phil silverman says:

    nice try! howz about we go point by point and not get personal? ready?? 🙂

  2. phil silverman says:

    continuing > yes, I did make up 5.6% unemployment, telling insurers to no longer deny upon precondition, re-opening CUba, creating tons of jobs in HC I.T., green & solar, making autos competitive again, getting BL after W. & the CIA gave up in ’06 (and no, torture didn’t help); DOW skyrocketing, big energy number one. njow defend the record # of filibusters and clotures against the blue collar worker. 🙂

  3. phil silverman says:

    hey, how come my shopworn clichés (redundant?) are not as good as yours? yes, I tend to agree w Ed Shultz and apparently, you tend to agree w Sean Hannity. herhehe…

  4. DLH says:

    “Phil”, so you’re Ed Schultz’s viewer! That’s quite a distinction. Without you Ed wouldn’t have an audience. To your question: Isn’t it obvious? Maybe you should consider your “news” sources and your very limited viewing preferences. Your snappy retorts are not just “shopworn”, they’re indicative of a very limited and ill-informed knowledge base.

  5. phil silverman says:

    oh, right, ratings ALWAYS betray quality of content. anyway, it’s obvious U love Hannity and the slugs from THE FIVE. never mind your personal attacks.

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