Hype and jive over Michelle Obama’s missing hijab

Hijab refers to the head-covering traditionally worn by Muslim women. A scarf of sorts, it is required by law as a matter of modesty for Muslim women in Saudi Arabia  and other theocratic Muslim countries.

Hype and jive refers to the ridiculous amount of press and credit Michelle Obama has received for not wearing a hijab  during the first couple’s stop yesterday in Saudi Arabia to pay their respects upon the passing of Saudi King Abdullah. Even conservative commentators have praised Ms Obama implying it was a significant even a brave show of standing up for women’s rights.

Eric Erickson as substitute host for Rush Limbaugh gave her an attaboy as did Gary Bauer in his column today.  Another example of the misplaced praise is this lead item in The Political Insider.  Drudge teased it as “defiant.”

The thing is, the wearing of the hijab is not required of non-Muslim foreign tourists in Saudi Arabia and it is not considered an official affront for female dignitaries not to don one.  Michelle Obama is by no stretch a trail blazer on the matter.  Note the pictures below of female American and other female foreign dignitaries at the same event and previously, including one Laura Bush years ago, also noticeably in pants.

The hajbless first lady.

The hajbless first lady.

Except MO is not the first first lady not to have one in the presence of the Saudi royals

Except MO is not the first first lady not to have one out doors, in doors or in the presence of the Saudi royals



Germany's Merkel

Germany’s Merkel

old whatshername

old whatshername




Former SOS Condoleeza Rice

Former SOS Condoleeza Rice

Pelosi must have lost hers

Pelosi must have forgot how to wear one

Screen shot 2015-01-28 at 10.23.07 PM

Strangely, in Indonesia, where Barry Obama Soetero may be a citizen, Mrs Soetero felt the need to “go native*








According to this Wikipedia entry “Under Indonesian National and Regional Law, female head-covering is entirely optional and not obligatory.”

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