Examples of muddled thinking, apostasy, vilification . . .

This completes the hat trick for this week:

  • Kasich and Matthew 25;
  • An off the wall “Libertarian” comment,
  • Boehner invites Netanyahu  — bad  . . .  Georgetown U brings in terrorist organization — good

Kasich in judgement

As Bible verse flows from Bible verse, Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich  believes you are going to hell if you do not support his government run health care expansion.

Jason Hart  writing at Watchdog.org reports:

Matthew 25 includes a call for more entitlement spending and provides biblical justification for Obamacare, or so says Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Promoting Obamacare in South Dakota, Montana and several national interviews last week, Kasich touted the Bible chapter’s depiction of judgment based on individual charity as a sweeping endorsement of government programs for the poor.

Ignoring context, applicability, implications, arguments available  in rebuttal, not to mention countervailing biblical citations, and having heretofore not revealed such definitive expertise in Biblical exegesis but nevertheless with holier- than-though self assurance about the Bible’s warp and woof —  Kasich assures us the Bible supports extensive bureaucratic takeover of healthcare through Obamacare and Medicare expansion. Charity and virtue to be prodded not by love or by the sword of God’s judgement,  but of government’s temporal sword (in Kasich’s mind they are redundant).

Religious based or conservative based opposition is not up to Kasich’s understanding of the Bible, regardless that such opposition includes objection to Obamacare’s inculcation of abortion and death panels and as Hart’s /Watchdog.org reports:

 “Opposition to Medicaid because it wastes a ton of resources, does a lousy job of getting people medical care, creates a sense of entitlement, degrades other people’s health care via senseless regulation, and traps people in dependence would not seem to automatically make one a ‘goat’ destined for Hell,” Linda Gorman, health policy director for the Colorado-based Independence Institute, said in an email to Watchdog.org.

That Kasich believes you are going to hell for opposing Ohio’s adoption of Obamacare’s implementation is inescapable from the logic of his invocation of Matthew 25. If the Bible supports Obamacare, indeed demands it,  than you are going to hell for opposing it verses 32 -46 King James or New American Bible.  With such an attitude Kasich can just plain go to hell.

Obnoxious play for attention by Libertarian.org

Speaking of the identified author of the article in question . . .  we get that you opposed taking the fight to the enemy, the anti-terrorism war in the Middle East in conjunction with many allies, stopping a particular brutal regime continuing its quest for armed hegemony over oil, a known user and possessor of WMD’s, a propagator of terrorism, a violator of armistice . . . as none of our business and all.

While we have Libertarians, as followers of this publication, I don’t think any of them would support this drivel, this calumny, this despicable analogy. Libertarian Org on ‘American Sniper’: No Difference Between Chris Kyle, Adam Lanza 

Special operations personnel are deployed in the Middle East and Afghanistan to stop the most evil terrorists and suicidal maniacs intent on killing their coreligionists and American personnel.  To save lives. The odious analogy maker would logically oppose a sharpshooter taking out Lanza and saving 28 lives.

Georgetown U would not be able to proselytize Catholicism if their invitees had their way (like they’d care).

Breitbart’s  Jordan Schachtel reports:

An official U.S. State Department transcript revealed that Georgetown University had “organized and funded” a recent trip for members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to the United States. While in the United States, the Brotherhood operatives met with top State Department officials in the Obama administration. A reporter asked State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, “Members of Muslim Brothers were in town, and few days ago they met – had meetings in this building. Do you have any like – any details about the meeting, the nature of the meeting, the purpose of the meeting, and whom they met?”

Go Hoyas

It would be highly informative to hear from all those Obama apologists at Georgetown and elsewhere how they explain this administration’s and their affection for the Muslim Brotherhood. Given the consequences already seen because of Obama’s disastrous foreign policy, one doesn’t have to be a “conspiracy theorist” to ask, “Whose side is our president and Georgetown on?” It certainly doesn’t appear to be America’s or its allies!

Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept. Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders  Muslim Brotherhood call for ‘long, uncompromising jihad’

Egypt blames Muslim Brotherhood for deadly Sinai attack

FBI Chief: Muslim Brotherhood Supports Terrorism

DLH  & R Mall

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