Regarding Planned Parenthood expose – no need to obsess about it

But leading religious figure and civil rights champion didn’t get the memo

To be sure Pope Francis has made some orthodox statements at least for the record against abortion. If there were not minimizing context to them they might even be considered helpful along side the wealth of profundity on the issue from others, literally from the beginnings of the Church, not to mention earlier in the revealed word of God.

But as he made clear from the outset of his papacy, the issue does not rate under his tutelage the Church “obsessing.”  The statement was made as if the preponderance Catholic Church’s functionaries and clerics, its operating apparat, ever did. It was clear to right to life activists early on, as the pro-abortion /anti right to life  movement took hold in the United States and elsewhere, that the there would be no “obsessing” from the Church in response. It never happened.  The apparat didn’t want to appear un-modern or judgmental.

Pope Francis essentially sent the signal that a sense of open indifference if not opposition to restoring the right to life of those Saint Teresa of Calcutta termed the poorest of the poor,  would be tolerated, indeed incorporated into his announced priority pursuit of equality, sustainability and caring for the earth. Those ill defined concepts are actually propaganda themes of the most brutal of population control advocates. But we are all to be best buds now in response to the imminent threat of the destruction of the planet by climate change and consumption — calumny now made officially unassailable by the Pope.  Catholics are to abide by the Pope’s actual ignorance of  science, abide by its corruption, ignore economics and his grudges and biases.

Catholics have been officially re-branded in case there was any confusion that the right to life was a serious priority within more than an element of the Church.  Gaia is to be priority one.

How else to explain the marginalization, the virtual cashiering of a Cardinal of the Church prominent in calling politicians and church institutions to task in pursuit of the right to life?  It is a signal to functional and explicit pro-abortion Catholics that as long as they are allied with the Pope on “redistribution” there will be no irritating threat of embarrassments or hectoring  from “those right-to-life people.”  Indeed the institutions of the Church are now officially at the disposal of the confiscator class (they were functionally for decades) and full speed ahead on behalf of Sister Earth and implementing Marxist thought.

Indeed, how else to explain the cooperation with doctrinaire population control advocates and consortiums who will now be advanced in their overall pursuits, the Pope’s official demurrals about abortion hardly withstanding? Apologists who maintain that the Pope is using them are incredible, naive beyond sentience as to how the mechanisms of the world work. The cooperation will be with organizations that justify and foster the most evil of institutions such as  Planned Parenthood, an organization with international tentacles.

When shaming is called for, how else to explain the continued silence from the Pope on the latest expose’ from this country of Planned Parenthood’s grotesque core advocacy and activities — abortion on demand for any reason at any time including the sale of baby organs.

Religious leaders should not shirk responsibility to comment about basic values, they should “obsess” that the right to life is the most basic of rights. Consider the advocacy of religious leader Dr. Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King this week calling the Congressional Black Caucus to task:

Alveda King to Congressional Black Caucus: Lead Investigations of Planned Parenthood

Ms. King should not feel betrayed by the CBC crowd, any more than Catholics (other than Catholic politicians) feel, if not betrayed, certainly deeply puzzled by the sudden lack of comment from the Church’s outspoken Vicar of Christ, Pope Francis.

If His Holiness has said anything about the latest revelations of “Planned Organ Vending”, we haven’t heard it, certainly not with the intensity of his condemnation of capitalism and “climate change deniers”.

If Pope Francis does speak out now, it is still quite curious that he was certainly not in the forefront of outrage. Why would that be? A fear of greatly offending many of his new “Best Friends” who are enthusiastic not only about “fighting climate change” and the full array of Marxist economic policies, but abortion as well? (He knows who they are.)

R Mall and DLH

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  1. Gus says:

    I believe it is becoming very shocking that the Pope who “deplores” the terrible “throwaway society” has so far had nothing to say about the barbarian Planned Parenthood revelations. This is a so-called “spiritual leader” of 1.2 billion Christians who has been anxious to interject his opinions on various controversial political issues. And, yet, on this, concerning a basic tenet of the Church he leads, he has nothing to say.
    Evidence accumulates by the day that Pope Francis is a Marxist and a willing dupe of the left for virtually anything on their agenda.

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