Papal Bull

Not having to face the electorate, Pope Francis has issued the first of what is likely to be a number of “Executive Actions” in the coming months.

imagesimages-2Likely in anticipation of his September visit to America and a chance to join with his new BFF, Barack Obama, Francis has declared that he will allow all priests to forgive abortion during the forthcoming “Holy Year”.  There are implications here that Catholic theologians need time to sort out and which we will be interested in reading.  Will remarriage after divorce and full reinstatement now be a matter of a visit to a confessional, no more tribunal?  The course seems a possibility.

Certainly not of the refined cloth of theologians, it is our fallible understanding that because Catholic doctrine has been that procured elective abortion incurs automatic excommunication (the act itself imposes it, not a formal resolution) confessing it in order to help relieve one’s grief and reenter the church fold was a matter not to be treated as your run of the mill offense. Not all that many sins incur automatic excommunication.  A more experienced confessor was thought necessary for validation of the contrition with the exception for the exigencies of missionary work. The sanctity of the confessional always maintained.

So given the essence of procured elective abortion, which at its core implicates a rejection of so much of what the Church teaches (or used to), the step of reaching out to a designated priest available in every diocese reflected the seriousness of the separation.  Not anymore. Does anyone think that this Pope’s bull, announced for the Holy Year of Mercy (other years are unholy and merciless?) will not be made permanent?

Of course how serious have most bishops taken the legality of the voluntary destruction of unborn members of the human family anyway?  To be sure they made their accommodations. How many notorious abortion-on-demand defending Catholic politicians have been denied communion?  Rather, the more prominent, the more likely they are handed awards by bishops for their public service, totally disregarding their denial of the rights of the unborn.  What does that say to women grieving from abortion about the authenticity of the Church? Some probably feel the Roman Catholic Church’s “stand” as reflected by the bishops, is too inauthentic to bother with. The Pope’s bull does not change that observation.  But back to the timing.

Widely hailed as a magnanimous gesture Francis’ action will surely make for a warm and pleasant occasion when he and President Obama meet to talk about all the issues they agree on. It certainly takes the heat off Mr. Obama regarding recent controversies involving abortion, Planned Parenthood, and religious freedom. No word yet on Pope Francis’ position on forgiveness of Planned Parenthood abortion providers.

While putting a stop to changes in climate is at the top of their “to-do” list,  the two are expected to eliminate worldwide poverty and sovereign borders, redistribute wealth, mainly from the US to the poor everywhere else, and put a stop to evil capitalism.

A full plate but if any two guys can do it, it’s these two, President Hope and Pope Change.

Viva il Presidente, il Papa!

DLH and R Mall

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  1. Gus says:

    He’s personally opposed to abortion but Pope Francis doesn’t want to impose his beliefs on Catholics. While Francis hasn’t put it that way, his actions sometimes seem to echo the rhetoric we often hear from “devout” Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic party officeholders and seekers.
    I agree with the views of those who say that the practical impact of the Pope’s latest pronouncement is minimal. The story in the Wall Street Journal noted that “American bishops have already delegated their authority (to pardon and lift excommunication).”
    As this piece suggests, the real purpose of Francis’ action at this time is to minimize the disagreements between President Obama and fundamental church doctrine. Abortion, religious freedom, gay marriage, all must take a back seat to this Pope’s real priorities, redistribution of wealth, raising opposition to capitalism, minimizing western values in favor of global governance. Francis, as Obama does, sees the “global warming” hoax as the issue to enable achievement of those objectives.
    Devout Catholics, and those who may not fit the definition of “devout” but essentially embrace the Church’s fundamental principles, are naturally loathe to criticize His Holiness…rather the sacred office he holds. It is also very difficult to believe that the Catholic Church is today led by one so heavily steeped in Marxist ideology and advocacy, so willing to actively pursue a political effort to achieve its goals, and so willing to undermine some of its most dedicated believers who have devoted their efforts to defending the basic values of the faith.
    But, as they say, “it is what it is”.

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