Obama repulses even on Thanksgiving

Ms. Brown nails it! I think it is very safe to say that there has never been such a repulsive little man to occupy the highest office in the land.  DLH

Obama can’t even pardon a turkey without bashing Republicans

By Carol Brown via American Thinker

Well it’s that time of year again when the President of the United States pardons a turkey. And Obama being Obama, he used the occasion to bash Republicans, referring to them as “a bunch of turkeys.” More specifically: “As you may have heard, for months there has been a fierce competition between a bunch of turkeys trying to win their way into the White House.”
What an obnoxious, thin-skinned, adolescent, insecure, smug, petty, and more than anything, evil little man.
Election Day 2016 can’t come soon enough. Let’s make sure we win. And preferably, win big. Hat tip: Breitbart


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