Bless those conservative eternal optimists

mVaxpN9UjdigEeavzR24DVQBz0HPv03iqy5n436GRtl15JCEqcaIU6dKpgKuUe75u0EN=s151These various columns reporting how much trouble Hillary is in and, like this one, even the White House may be in peril, are interesting, and for Republicans and conservatives, great fun to contemplate.

As to whether anything will come of it, that the Clinton “crime syndicate” will at last be brought to justice, that the prospect of a Hillary presidency is doomed, that even the likelihood of another Democratic president may be out of the question…it’s all nothing more than wishful thinking and wiling obliviousness to how far down the road America is toward totalitarianism.

It is now a fact, undefined and undeniable by the administration, the liberal media, and anyone with even the slightest intelligence and objectivity: Hillary’s email cache included 22 communications which all intelligence services deem so dangerous to national security that they cannot be publicly released, not even a subject line.

That fact is prima facie evidence of extremely serious wrongdoing by a former US Secretary of State, H. R. Clinton!

Yet, the New York Times…even the lowly Quad City Times… has endorsed that same individual, Hillary R. Clinton to be president of the United States!

And, further, does anyone think that President Obama, who has performed his responsibilities throughout his tenure in open defiance of the US Constitution and established “laws of the land” will not continue to do so in this case?

Come now. Not even the most uninformed, deliberately ignorant liberal Democrat believes that.

Josh Earnest may have gotten himself in a whole heap of trouble with comments on Hillary email scandal      By Thomas Lifson

The oleaginous White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, was trying to dampen down any concern over the news that 22 emails on Hillary Clinton’s server were so sensitive that nothing at all could be released. But instead, he opened a can of worms that will make things worse and could even lead to a subpoena (and no doubt a claim of executive privilege. Boy, I am starting to get a severe case of Watergate déjà vu.).


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  1. Designated2 says:

    There you go Don bursting our bubble. We can dream!!

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