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Challenging the “all Trump all the time” Drudge report site — here are a couple commentaries we found compelling, one form Cruz and one via a conservative alternative to Drudge

For us  this is not intended as some sort of #nevertrump project, NO ONE could be worse than Hillary or Bernie. But Trump set out to destroy Ted Cruz, with lies and distortion. A defense of conservatism requires it be answered.

In this ad targeted at upstate New York, Cruz takes on Trump aggressively, tying him to the low repute Democrat big city machine. And New York is a closed primary state.  That is important to Cruz’s chances of outperforming current polling, hopefully (with Kasich who has been polling better than Cruz in the state as a whole) keeping Trump under 50% .

The ad makes the point that Trump is a crony capitalist, establishment friendly, and an indifferent unelected politician of sorts who helped (besides Hillary) the likes of the detestable socialist Bill de Blasio setting up his abysmal record as Mayor of New York City.

Certified Trump opponent Ben Shapiro rails against the absurdity of Trump defenders calling Ted Cruz “establishment”  as if Donald trump did not practically define the term. (excerpt)

Republicans Hate These 7 Things About Democrats. The Trump Campaign Is All Of Them 

Or take the term “establishment.” Trump says that Ted Cruz is the “establishment.” This is like saying that I am a charter member of the Trump campaign. It’s nonsensical. If Cruz is “establishment,” the term has no meaning. Trump is the guy who spent oodles of money on Democrats for purposes of buying people off, who hobnobs with the chichi (and pays them to come to his wedding), who makes friends with people on all sides of the aisle to cut deals that benefit him. But Cruz is the “establishment.”

Idiotic. And just as damaging as when the left cuts the heart out of language to accomplish their purposes.

The left is indecent. That’s why conservatives hate the left.

But so is Trump.

Now, some conservatives revel in this. They think it’s turnabout as fair play. They think Trump is fighting fire with fire, that it takes a leftist strategy to beat leftists.

Sometimes that’s true.

Not here. Trump is a personal totalitarian with only one centralizing principle, maximization of power. He acts like a leftist because he is one. He’s not using leftist tactics to defeat leftism. He’s using them to destroy conservatism itself. Once the earth has been salted, he hopes to build a new Trump Tower.

The Constitution does not figure into Donald Trump’s appreciation of the United States or what  and how to keep it great or make it great again.  The problems in the country originate there, not in making “better deals” using illegitimate power.

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