This is BIG – Methodist Church Quits Pro-Abortion Coalition

From Life News:

United Methodist Church Quits Pro-Abortion Coalition After Years of Promoting Abortion

United Methodists have voted to require church boards and agencies to withdraw immediately from an organization that advocates for abortion on demand. Delegates from across the 12.1 million-member denomination adopted a proposal concluding affiliation with the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) on a vote of 425 to 268 (61 percent to 39 percent) during their quadrennial General Conference meeting in Portland, Oregon.

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We have a number of friends who are Methodist, who have decried its liberalism and indeed have been active right to lifers. We know they will be pleased at the news. We realize that this does not mean that the denomination or the apparat is now pro-life,  – but it is progress and a long time coming for the dedicated Methodists for life who steadfastly brought the issue of membership in RCAR  to the convocations and have now convincingly won.

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