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Want to know where his FBI investigation of Hillary is going? Think FBI’s investigation of IRS.

Comey’s Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald charged ‘Scooter’ Libby for “obstruction” and perjury because his recollection differed from media darling Russert’s ; FBI found ‘no evidence of wrongdoing’ when IRS bosses destroyed computers and subpoenaed files; With Hillary, what’s the big deal about erasing State Dept. communications?

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This has always been a propaganda initiative of the left, and as such, it has paid off big time as progressives and conservatives, media of all political and ideological leanings have bought it and have spread it far and wide. Seems any time news of an FBI investigation breaks which might have some negative consequences for Obama administration minions or major Democratic Party figures, we hear about ‘Big Jim’s” unrelenting quest for truth and justice, letting the chips fall where they may, fearless in going where the evidence takes him, blah, blah, blah.

In the Hillary email case, we are told that the FBI will hold nothing back and if anybody tries to interfere or threatens to shut down the investigation, FBI Director James Comey will have none of it. Why, conservative pundits have assured us that if Comey’s boss, AG Loretta Lynch attempts to compromise that investigation, this “stand up” FBI chief will walk. He’ll resign along with scores of FBI agents.

If one recalls correctly, James Comey won his reputation as a straight arrow, dedicated law enforcement, uncompromising justice seeker by standing up to the G W Bush administration:

Took on the Bush gang…how hard was that?

When he served in former President George W. Bush’s Justice Department as Deputy Attorney General, Comey made headlines by “rushing to a Washington hospital to prevent White House counsel Alberto Gonzales from getting a bedridden Attorney General John Ashcroft to sign off on reauthorizing a domestic surveillance program.”

It’s the moment that made Comey’s reputation and, according to various news outlets, underlines why Republicans and Democrats (claim to) expect he’ll call the Clinton email investigation as he sees it, no matter the political stakes.

“My folks don’t give a rip about politics,” the 6-foot-8-inch Comey said earlier this year. “We’re competent, we’re independent and we’re honest.”
There’s another event, however, which I think is what cemented Obama’s resolve to appoint “Big Jim” as FBI Director. (And if there were no substance to our suspicions, Comey’s appointment would be so uncharacteristic of Obama and the type of spectacularly incompetent or morally corrupt people he appoints to every other key position in his administration.)

The Valerie Plame/Patrick Fitzgerald Caper

That “other event” would be the infamous “Valerie Plame Affair”. For millenials who were busy at the time being indoctrinated by their elementary, high school, or college instructors in the leftist “way” this was the “Scandal of the Century” for the liberal press and progressives everywhere. A former Ambassador to Gabon, and other crucial outposts, Joe Wilson was sent by the CIA on a mission to determine if the GW Bush administration had been completely forthcoming with the American people about Saddam Hussein’s effort to build a nuclear arsenal.

The short version is that Ambassador Joe’s “findings” revealed that the claims were not true…to which, supposedly, the Bush team, especially the office of the Vice President, Dick Cheney, did not take kindly. It was later determined, however, by two bi-partisan Senate investigations that it was Joe who was not entirely truthful.

But, never mind. Wilson’s story fit the Democrat/progressive media narrative better. But then, a well-respected journalist, Bob Novak revealed that Amb. Wilson had not been dispatched by VP Dick Cheney to Niger to get at the truth. In fact, according to Novak, a “high government official” had told him that Joe Wilson had been recommended for the assignment by his wife, a CIA employee and no fan of Republican George Bush.

It was then “revealed” that Wilson’s wife, Valerie Plame, was an “undercover CIA operative” and whoever “leaked” her name in connection with Wilson’s assignment had violated federal law by “outing” her.

A search began for the identity of that “high government official” who had told Novak.

It didn’t take long to come up with a “suspect”…it had to be someone close to President Bush and/or Vice President Cheney. They’d settle for Karl Rove or some other major player in the administration if they couldn’t get Cheney.

The press erupted in a frenzy when it saw an opportunity to bring down the GW Bush administration or at least a number of its key figures.

That’s when Jim Comey, “Captain Justice”, “made his bones” with the media and the Democratic Party left.

As Acting Attorney General in Ashcroft’s absence, Comey received authority from Congress to name a Special Prosecutor to investigate the “serious criminal violation” by that “high government official”.

While serious questions swirled around as to whether there even was a criminal violation and whether Ms. Plame was indeed an “undercover agent”, (she wasn’t under the requirements of the law) and whether her CIA identity was even a big secret around Washington, “Big Jim” named his good friend, Patrick Fitzgerald, another highly acclaimed “seeker of justice” and current Federal Prosecutor from Chicago as the special prosecutor.

But perhaps the most revealing evidence that maybe “Big Jim” and his pal, Patrick Fitzgerald are not so immune from ideological or partisan impulses is that before his investigation even started, it was well known to both and to Secretary of State Colin Powell who the “leaker” of Ms. Plames’ role was.

It was Richard Armitage, Powell’s right hand man at State…not a loyal ‘servant’ of GW Bush. The whole debacle could have ended before it started. But how much fun would that have been?

As it was, Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald never found evidence of the “crime” originally alleged.

To save face for himself, his buddy, Comey, and the entire liberal media, Fitzgerald wound up charging Scooter Libby, close associate of Cheney ,with purjury, obstruction, etc, because after numerous “interviews” Libby’s recollection of events were different from those of Tim Russert, the much loved and admired journalist.

And thus, Jim Comey’s reputation as one who “has taken on some of the most powerful figures in the country” is solidified and forever enshrined with the progressive establishment. Interestingly, further “evidence” of Big Jim’s commitment to “justice” is that he “pushed for more stringent charges to be brought against former CIA director David Petraeus. (Anybody believed that angered the current “powerful figure” in the White House?)

Well, that certainly guarantees that Mr. Comey’s not going to pull any punches with Hillary…doesn’t it?

“Mr. Koskinan, Lois, just call me ‘Jim’, sorry to have bothered you”

I believe, however, we’ve gotten a hint of just how ‘hard nose’ Director Comey will be with the Hillary email matter from how his agency handled the IRS scandal. The FBI did not distinguish itself in that “investigation”. As part of their “comprehensive” search for justice, his agents didn’t get around to even interviewing the alleged injured parties…the conservative groups which were subject to the IRS’s illegal activity.

And the “investigation” ended with the “Justice” Dept. declaring that no laws were broken and no one would be charged with anything.

If “Big Jim” can live with that fiasco, one can be forgiven for suggesting that he probably won’t have a big problem with Hillary getting off the hook, as long as he gets sufficient “cover” from Obama, Lynch, and the media.

Anybody willing to take that bet?           DLH

Note: Comey donated to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in his 2008 run for the White House and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in his 2012 bid for the GOP nomination, but Obama still reportedly considered asking him to serve on the Supreme Court before tapping him for the FBI instead.

Does that sound like the Barack Obama we’ve come to unfortunately know so well?

Oh, and since then, we’re told, “Big Jim” has broken with Obama on a host of issues. Don’t we wonder what our president might have on “Jim”. Think Petraeus.

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  1. Leone says:

    The more he spoke of his honor the faster we counted the spoons.

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    Great comment, Leone!

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