Clinton Inc. — The sleaze exposed

Folks, “if you haven’t lost Facebook friends over Trump yet, it’s time to step up your game.”

If there was ever a reason to crank up social media WikiLeaks has provided it earlier this week as it exposes a key aid to the Clinton crime family bragging about being able to shakedown Clinton Foundation clients for money to directly benefit Bill Clinton (gifts and speaking fees).  So here are three that relate to this in an interesting fashion.

First up of all places we have hosts of Morning Joe on MSNBC actually covering the sleaze and indicating disgust.  The base story they draw from was this Washington Post article, a surprise on its own but we fully expect them to quickly move on to concentrate on Trump’s relative foibles.

The following 3-minute clip is a sort of addenda to the 10-minute one above

So that is surprising, MSNBC actually giving what is driving the Trump candidacy, the need to drain the swamp in Washington the time of day.  Next up is Newt Gingrich appearing on a Fox program where the entirely overrated host Megyn Kelly is justly called to task for being part of the media irresponsibility and  incredibly biased concentration on doing a number on Trump and ignoring smoking gun information about Clinton sleaze.

Here , just this morning on Fox (different ptrogram) Newt ably puts it all in perspective. It is rich in quotable material.  We will try to obtain a transcript of the best lines.

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