So much for the Trump “team of rivals”

Keep Tillerson on short leash

Not to suggest that Mr. Tillerson is one of the treacherous “leakers” burrowed deeply into the Trump inner circle, but for sure this guy is not in sync with much of the Trump winning agenda.

Ivanka will be around as long as The Donald is, but the same need not apply to T-Rex. As long as his flashes of positive effectiveness as Sec State contribute to Trump’s global success, perhaps Tillerson should stay…but on a short leash. I do, however, find it troubling to have him on the same page as Angela Merkel on the EU’s major preoccupation…as a supporter of a key agenda item of Trump’s most bitter enemies, the Enviro/media/Chamber of Commerce lobby…the climate hoax!


Rex Tillerson: Dark Knight of the Hoax*
American Thinker, by Mark Musser

As for Tillerson, available evidence pegs him as a cynical, dishonest man more taken with power than truth.  He has a kindred spirit in Ivanka, whose consuming aspiration is ascendance unto the trans-Atlantic plutocracy.  Tillerson’s opportunistic, misanthropic adoption of political correctness has already alienated social conservatives.  He spearheaded the imposition of homosexuals onto the Boy Scouts of America, and he lavished funds onto Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills.

Tillerson personally donated to every Republican presidential candidate before Trump – but not to Trump.  He was shoehorned into Trump’s inner circle by the deft maneuverings of those exemplary RINOs, Bob Gates and Condi Rice.

Forget “Exxon knew.”  How about an “Exxon knows” campaign?  The company’s controllers, following Chairman Tillerson, know full well that “global warming” is a hoax, yet they exploit this Big Lie to forcibly capture customers for their surplus natural gas.


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