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  • Cruz solution
  • Concierge medicine may be best solution yet

Senator Ted Cruz is a strong advocate of a key aspect to a solution. It is not all that needs to be done toward replacement of Obamacare, as part of its repeal or subsequent to it. The report by a Red State type, Patterico, is a convenient presentation which is the only reason to refer to Red State’s stable of knee- jerk anti-Trumpists (more on that later), that is when they don’t feel compelled to go out of their way bash Trump. The comments to the article have some useful information offering much solid grassroots wisdom. We offer a successful existing system after this excerpt. More a return to “the old ways” it may be the best solution yet.

The Cruz Solution to the Pre-Existing Condition Problem: Individual Responsibility 

There is another solution, which I call the “Cruz solution”: lawmakers could craft proposals that ensure that people who are responsible and obtain insurance should not have it taken away because they develop a serious health condition. I call it the “Cruz solution” because Ted Cruz explained it in his March 2017 piece The Right Way to Repeal ObamaCare:

[W]e should protect continuous coverage. If you have coverage, and you get sick or injured, your health insurance company shouldn’t be able to cancel your policy or jack up your premiums. That’s the whole point of health insurance.

The Cruz solution is a logical approach. The Cruz solution says: if you want coverage when you get sick, you have to buy insurance when you’re not. That way, you have it when you need it — and we won’t let insurance companies play tricks on you and snatch it away from you even though you kept your end of the bargain. If you get hit hard by circumstances, we’ll work with you. There will always be charity care, mandatory treatment in an emergency, and Medicaid under current law. But this may not be ideal. If you want proper treatment, ultimately, it’s your responsibility. You need health insurance when you’re not sick — because we’re not going to suddenly let you buy it for the first time when you are.

In the end, we do have to have some solution to the pre-existing condition issue.  . . .   health insurance through one’s job carried the ever-present threat that you could lose your job — meaning you would lose your policy, and another insurer could come along and deny you health insurance if you had developed a health condition in the meantime.

But if you don’t want government completely running health care through single-payer — a totalitarian state of affairs that leads to Charlie Gard situations where the overwhelming power of the state trumps family when it comes to health care decisions — then the solution to this problem requires insurance companies to stay afloat. This means enough people must buy insurance for insurers to stay in business. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Insurers have to be paid or insurance will disappear.

The question is: will the solution to this problem be one tied to individual responsibility, or one that puts the responsibility on government?

There are other comprehensive proposals, even working plans out there, we are much intrigued by concierge medicine as advocated by Wichita KS family practice physician  Dr. Josh Umbehr, a frequent guest of Sean Hannity.  By the lights of it — doctors win, insurance companies can be reduced to catastrophic major-medical insurers, all market based and at greatly reduced out-of-pocket cost — that is a big win for consumers and constitutionalists/ anti-big government advocates.

Read more: Dr. Josh Umbehr on the Concierge Medicine Revolution
(we will add more current articles as we become aware)

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