Vatican: Security for me but not for thee?

So if average Joe in US of A is worried about a jihadist threat we have to suck it up and invite them in, out of Christian duty???   No extraordinary measures.

Vatican No. 2: Anti-pope jihadist attack threat is worrying 

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis’ top aide says a pro-Islamic State group video that targets the pope is worrying but notes Vatican security is already at a high level.

Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Holy See’s No. 2 official, told reporters Saturday that a day earlier he had seen the video, which indicates the pope is a target. Recently, another video, transmitted on the pro-IS Telegram channel, suggested that Italy is the next target of an extremist attack.

Parolin said: “Obviously, one cannot help but worry, above all for the senseless hatred that it is.” But he said the Vatican hasn’t added more measures to its already high security.
The Vatican, headquarters of the Catholic church, and Italy have been indicated previously as possible targets of Islamist extremism.

And the United States isn’t!!

Can you believe this two-faceness on the heals of last Monday’s scolding from Pope Francis  regarding the personal safety of illegal immigrants, refugees and migrants — that all nations must “welcome the stranger”.

He said the principle of ensuring each person’s dignity “obliges us to always prioritize (their) personal safety over national security” 

We hope that  “flood” of “immigrant families”from the Vatican doing its part . . . all 12 . . . have been thoroughly vetted.  The Church whose truths and traditions we have our profoundest respect for is being led by a Pope intent on redefining core guidance in the Bible with warmed over Marxist/oneworld./liberation theology.

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