Paging Paul Ryan: The press should be “open” to what?


This is classic! There is so much sheer stupidity in these comments that it leaves one almost speechless.

Speaker Ryan could have at least said that a sound, free nation depends on “free and FAIR press. With media stories running more than 90 percent negative against the president, no one can honestly claim we have a “FAIR” press.  What the hell does “open” mean as different from free anyway?  And the DC establishment huffs that Donald Trump is not articulate (to their liking).


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  1. Designated2 says:

    It is classic – classic sedate establishment Republican. Trump would have been direct, saying BE FAIR; Ryan “be open.” Sheesh. Ryan is Canadian nice and that is no compliment. They will fall for any perceived political nicety, and then make everyone pay dearly to implement it and for opposing it.

    My new name for Establishment Republicans like Ryan is EstReps. The “est” as in ester; estivate; estrange; estrogen. All seem apt.

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