Blow-viating reporter from NYT pathologically spews accusatory racist nonsense

  • Next time a “white guy” who’s been deported 5 times and convicted of 7 felonies . . . kills a “person of color”, let’s call it “black-” or “brown-pathology”
  • ‘cuz after all, people of color have higher crime rates! . . . and are more likely to be victims. So it is a linked pathology right?  It is OK to call it a pathological “black and brown thing” and imply it is characteristic. 
  • Must be OK to say so if you can observe and characterize something as a “white pathology”
  • Being against illegal immigration is not a pathology
  • Suggesting it is, is  . . .


NYT’s Charles Blow: Kate Steinle’s Murder Epitomizes “White Pathology” Trump Projects On Minorities

New York Times opinion columnist Charles Blow appeared on a CNN Tonightpanel Thursday that addressed the the acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the five-time deported illegal immigrant who murdered Kate Steinle, and said people like Donald Trump use “white pathology” and these tragedies and instances of violence to further racism. Blow’s latest column is about the “white supremacy” of the Trump administration.

Blow said Trump used the case and defendant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate on the campaign trail as a way to “project a pathology” on all Mexicans, immigrant or not, who may be criminal. Blow said this strategy is used by white people such as Trump to classify criminals of color as representatives of the entire race. Blow lamented, “It never happens to white people.”

“I do believe that the president was using him (Jose Ines Garcia Zarate) as a way to project a pathology on to all Mexicans or all immigrants or even all Mexican immigrants who might even be criminal,” Blow said. “And I see that happen over and over and over again, but only happen among people of color. It happened with him and Mexico. It happened with black people and Willie Horton. It happens with Muslim people and every Muslim who commits an act of violence or terror.”

“We will hone in on this guy, right or wrong, whatever he did, and project on to the rest of the immigrant population that this is the reason that we have to do something about the rest of them,” Blow said. “That at its core is what racism looks like when you don’t use the slur, but you project on to a population.”

CNN host Don Lemon said the verdict showed the jury believed the gun used to murder her was “left behind.” Lemon also chimed in later to note that undocumented people in America commit crimes at a rate lower than those who are native born.

“Those are the facts and people should understand that,” the CNN host said.

Where is the documentation to prove anything about “undocumented” people and rates? How can you know how many documented are here to establish rates?  We suspect the toid (not even a factoid) out there that Lemon refers to is about immigrants committing less rates of crime than native born.  By definition 100% of illegal aliens (refusing the euphemism of “undocumented immigrants”) are already doing something illegal every day from the first day of arrival.  The article in Real Clear Politics concludes with this quote from Lemon:

“And that’s nothing to say about Kate Steinle. It’s tragic, it should not have happened. It’s awful and most people wanted harsher punishment.”

Rather gratuitous statement meant to appease who — people with white pathology?     Can we be as obtuse as Mr Blow and Mr. Lemon . . . we will try .  So Mr. Lemon —  waving a gun while oblivious to it being loaded or not is an accident . . pulling a trigger is an accident . . .  being oblivious to whether it is loaded or not or where you point it is an accident . . . and before any of that when as a felon you “accidentally” find a gun and pick it up, everything is still an accident and the felony of a felon being in possession of a firearm, and firing it recklessly in a populated area does not even rate manslaughter (unlawful killing in reckless disregard)?

So if a person of color robs a bank and while doing so fires into the ceiling “to get people’s attention” penetrating the office above , killing someone in that office, it is still nothing more than a bank robbery, by Lemon’s lights, and if someone says otherwise it is white pathology.

In spite of Blow and Lemon the facts are in reality color blind.  Zarate was a 5 times deported illegal alien, multiple felon committing another felony when he killed Kate Steinle, no matter what color he is.

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