Kaepernick on a roll with man of year awards



Last month GQ magazine announced its “Man of the Year”…Colin Kaepernick!

Last week Sports Illustrated named the former football player and current promoter of NFL anti-Americanism and racial tension…the delightful Mr. Kaepernick, its recipient of the coveted “Muhammed Ali Legacy Award for 2017!

And the kudos keep comin’.

This week, your editors at Veritaspac will be formally announcing our publication’s selection for the nation’s anxiously anticipated “SH-T HEAD of the Year” award, which we are pleased to let our faithful readers know, in advance, will be none other than COLIN KAEPERNICK!

The SH-T  HEAD of the year’s award, as most Veritaspac readers know has a proud history.

Last year’s recipient, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, as our readers know went on this year to be honored with a light court-marshal and probable reward of some $300,000 in back pay for his time as an active deserter, imposed by another early favorite for SH-T HEAD honors, Judge Col. Jeffery R. Nance.

Your editors will open nominations for 2018 SH-T HEAD titleists immediately after the first of the year; so readers, be ready with your early picks!

One note regarding 2018 nominations: Perennial favorite in the balloting, Maxine Waters, will not be eligible. As a recipient of Veritaspac’s LifeTime Achievement Award  for her exceptional year-after-year sh-t head behavior throughout her long and bizarre career Ms. Waters has won the title,  SH-T HEAD EMERITUS.

To wrap up 2017 we invite readers to submit their suggestions of who should have been a better pick than Mr. Kaepernick for this year’s prize.

Humbly…from your grateful editors, thanks for all your support in the past year. 

Kaeperenick also on the inside cover of  the October American Legion Magazine  — the “Take a Knee” Edition. 

The nice ladies in the auxiliary asked that he model a knitted affair they came up with just for him for the photo-shoot. Colin, not familiar with the publication, but always down for a fashion pose, agreed.


 DLH with R Mall

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2 Responses to Kaepernick on a roll with man of year awards

  1. DLH says:

    We neglected to mention another award V’pac used to present…the annual “Madam and Monsieur Sh-t Head” title (our nod to the Euro-admirers), previous winners of which included Hillary and Bill You-know-who and Joy Behar and Alec Baldwin, or was it Joy Baldwin and Alec Behar?
    Readers may also recall that that annual award was suspended after Bradley and Chelsea Manning were the runaway choices a couple of years ago.

  2. Fast Eddie from Michigan says:

    I cannot suggest a more deserving recipient of the SHOTY award than CK; as a first runner-up, however, my vote is for the purveyors of fake news…they know who they are.

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