Trump – Tillerson – Sessions . . . are they playing the gullible Fake News outlets?

Could this happen?

President Trump calls his old friend and Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, into the oval office. Trump says, “I know the press has been pretty harsh, so I’ll throw you some shade. You call me a moron in front of someone you know will leak, then deny you said it. I’ll bluster about you, and our “feud” will begin. The press will love you for the moron thing, and the Dems will insist on keeping you. I’ll tweet my defiance. You will then be free to do the State gig, unhindered by the press, except for questions about our relationship. Then I will say ‘I’m going to fire you in January.’ I’ll say it in front of a swamp dweller. We know it will leak. When February-March comes and you’re still Secretary of State, we’ll call a joint press conference calling out the “Fake news” reports about your firing …and, we’ll be right.”

Rex gets up, smiles, and says, “Just like we planned, Don.”

President Trump then says, “Thanks Rex, when you go past the alcove, tell Jeff Sessions to come in..”

Could that happen. Nah, Trump’s just a dummy.

Eugene Mattecheck, Jr.

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