Bi-partisanship? Forgive our Big Beautiful scoff

  • Silly rabbit . . . bi-partisanship is for Republicans
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Rapidly becoming a favorite of ours, Wall Street columnist, Kimberley Strassel has another interesting, if not intriguing column Friday.

Ms. Strassel suggests that badly needed Civil Service reform could be a “huge” issue for President Trump in 2018:

“Fortunately for the president, there’s a better idea out there that’s already a Trump theme. It’s also a sure winner with the public, so Republicans ought to be able to pressure Democrats to join.

“Let 2018 be the year of civil-service reform—a root-and-branch overhaul of the government itself. Call it Operation Drain the Swamp.”

She further opines that it could actually get Democrat support.

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We hope she is right, but sadly it is hardly a stretch for your resident pessimists as we believe this may be the rare occasion when the lady is wrong.

In our view, probably one shared by nearly all conservatives, the Democrats, in 2018, are not about to join with Mr. Trump and congressional Republicans to accomplish anything, beyond intensified ‘resistance’.

Here is where we think Ms. Strassel may have been caught up in holiday optimism, wholly unrealistic in today’s political climate:

“Civil-service reform’s bipartisan appeal means it has a shot in the Senate. The Chuck Schumers and Elizabeth Warrens will fight for their federal union buddies. But will Democrats like Jon Tester, Claire McCaskill, Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly —who represent conservative or right-to-work states—go to bat for the likes of Lois Lerner?”

To answer Kimberley’s question…you better believe the aforementioned Democrats will “go to bat” for any two-bit lefty bureaucrat Chuckie Schumer tells them to!

Most of all, Strassel’s prediction defeats itself when she suggests hacks like Claire McCaskill (MO)and Joe Manchin (WV) would vote for a positive legislative effort.

Joe Manchin, as we have perhaps noted before, may be the biggest phony in the US Senate. This “radical moderate”, as he calls himself, will orate at great length for his biggest Fox fan, Neil Cavuto, about his hyper-willingness to work with Republicans and to “compromise”, but invariably when “Chuckie” needs his vote, good old Joe is right there!

But Kim, let hope spring eternal in 2018! Happy New Year!         DLH

A Big, Beautiful Trump 2018 Issue 

Civil-service reform could get bipartisan support, even in a rough election year.

President Trump is on the hunt for a 2018 issue—a strong follow-up to his tax-cut victory that will motivate voters and gain bipartisan support. Democrats are pushing for an infrastructure bill, inviting the president to spend with them. House GOP leaders are mulling entitlement reform—a noble goal, if unlikely in a midterm cycle.

Fortunately for the president, there’s a better idea  . . .

Rest of column behind a paywall

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