Regards to Admiral Mike Rogers

  • NSA Director Admiral Rogers  Constitutional hero
  • Rogers leaving NSA —  provides more freedom to testify?

The following linked articles from Conservative Tree House (CTH) were brought to our attention from a savvy source, although without any endorsement. The articles are by the nom de plume “Sundance” who seems to be the chief  writer at the blog.

During the primaries regrettably and unnecessarily that publication was over the top in their denigration of Ted Cruz, quite vicious really with anyone who criticized Trump as if Trump could do no wrong. Giving legs to birther claims against Cruz was unbecoming of all, ignorant of the relevant law and often conspiratorial. Nevertheless in the weeks before  the nomination we warmed up to Trump and have become cheerleaders and defenders. That is not to say we will not/ do not  have differences with Trump on significant matters but we do trust that he is working for the good of the country and the culture and we see he is being successful.  I came to understand Trumps demeanor and to a large extent appreciate it (not without exception) for what Scott Baio has insightfully described (as related in The Federalist), something I did not “get” before. Hey, he’s from Queens.

V’PAC has often linked to CTH of late because of their pro-Trump defense and concentration on “Deep State” matters. I bring all this up not as a “consider the source warning” but rather a disclaimer that I don’t know how much Sundance gets straight, certainly not everything, but that he does get a lot of factoids out there that seem of significance on the referenced matters.  Their focus of late is worthwhile and seems well researched but it requires considerable concentration to follow.  We do not have the time or depth or connections to follow or know all that is going on or how relevant each factoid is.  An extensively annotated chart might help the case Sundance tries to bring forth.  Here are some excerpts, while advising that an extensive amount of material precedes them:

Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…  

. . .   As many of you are aware, immediately following the 2016 presidential election NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers traveled to Trump Tower to meet with president-elect Donald Trump. The day AFTER the Rogers visit, President-elect Trump moved his transition team out of Trump Tower to Bedminister New Jersey.

We always suspected NSA Director Rogers gave President-elect Trump a head’s up of sorts.

Later, during the December 2016 and Jan, Feb, March, April 2017 Russian Conspiracy frenzy, when the entire intelligence community seemed to be collectively leaking against Trump’s interests, those suspicions gained even greater likelihood. However, what we learned in 2017 about the activity in 2016 almost guarantees that was exactly what happened. That back-story also ties into both the FISA issue and the Devin Nunes concern.

Admiral Mike Rogers became NSA director in April 2014.

Sometime in early 2016 Admiral Rogers became aware of “ongoing” and “intentional” violations of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), Section 702 surveillance. Specifically item #17 which includes the unauthorized upstream data collection of U.S. individuals within NSA surveillance.

Section 702 – Item #17 “About Queries” is specifically the collection of emails, and phone call surveillance of U.S. persons.

The public doesn’t discover this issue, and NSA Director Rogers action, until May 2017 when we learn that Rogers told the FISA court he became aware of unlawful surveillance and collection of U.S. persons. Put into context, with the full back-story, it appears that 2016 surveillance was the political surveillance now in the headlines; the stuff Chairman Nunes is currently questioning.

The dates here are important as they tell a story.

As a result of Rogers suspecting [FISA 702 (#17 – email and phone calls)] surveillance activity was being used for reasons he deemed unlawful, in mid 2016 Rogers ordered the NSA compliance officer to run a full audit on 702 NSA compliance.

Again, 702 is basically spying on Americans; the actual “spying” part is 702. Item 17 is “About Queries“, which allows queries or searches of content of email and phone conversations based on any subject matter put into the search field.

The NSA compliance officer identified several strange 702 “About Queries” that were being conducted. These were violations of the fourth amendment (search and seizure), ie. unlawful surveillance and gathering. Admiral Rogers was briefed by the compliance officer on October 20th, 2016.

Admiral Mike Rogers ordered the “About Query” activity to stop, reported the activity to the DOJ, and then went to the FISA court.

On October 26th, 2016, full FISC assembly, NSA Director Rogers personally informed the court of the 702(17) violations. Additionally, Rogers also stopped “About Query” permanently.

How The FBI and DOJ Intelligence Units Were Weaponized Around Congressional Oversight… 

NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers has announced to his staff he is resigning. A nominee will be announced to replace him shortly. Rogers departure makes sense. His incredible accomplishments are complete; he will now be free to testify, unencumbered, to congress.

If so maybe we will see how right Sundance / CTH has been

R Mall

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    There’s nothing wrong with being right.

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