Another Bushism we are not buying

  • According to GW Bush Democrats can paint a vile picture of GHWB, himself  or Jeb — on the war, on anything — that’s OK  — “just politics” — never mind if it serves to bring down the troops
  • Trump jostles the Bushes or their policies a bit in his inimitable style and the Bushes are all about turning the election over to Hillary
  • PS — does Rush know Americans won’t pick cotton??!!??
  • If you knew cotton like GW knows cotton – oh – oh what a world
  • For 50 years, at least 96 % of the cotton crop harvesting is mechanized

Dangerous territory – Bushes cant take a ribbing from a Republican

Rush defends Bush, sort of, but we are not buying it (Veritaspac yesterday)


“And it was not the same guy you saw on TV.”  Rush Limbaugh referring to G WBush

I must agree with Rush on that one. GW is not what he appeared to be, either as a presidential candidate, as a president, nor as a past president.

“I have way too much respect for this office to drag it down into the gutter of modern-day politics. I am not gonna respond to these obviously political attacks, personal attacks. I have too much respect for the office to turn it into that.” I don’t think it’s true at all to say he didn’t care about the American people. You’re really wrong about that’, Rush was quoted.

I’m not so sure, though, that I agree with Rush about either how much GW cared about “the American people, nor how much “respect for the (Oval Office)…” he had.

I will grant that he seems to have a great deal of respect and affection for our military  (I will happily give him that).

As far as his great care about the American people, I am much less sanguine. I believe it is obvious that he “cares about the Bush family”. But therein lies a question about whom he regards as the “Bush family” — and that leads to the degree that GW “respects the office of the president”.

The entire Bush family couldn’t have had greater affection for the Clintons than they displayed on numerous and various occasions…often publicly ‘taking them to their bosom’ as ‘family’.

GW’s oft quoted reference to Bill Clinton for whom he had great brotherly love…”my brother from another mother”.

Jeb was pleased to present Hillary with an award for her great life of “public service”.

George Herbert Walker was very proud to be seen ‘hanging out’ with Bill, presumably as Bill’s “father with another mother”. He was happy to be a ‘front man’ for the Clinton’s Haiti scam.

Unless I missed it, the Bushes never uttered an unkind word publicly about the administration or the performance in office of either Clinton or the saintly Barack Hussein Obama.

“Way too much respect for the Office?”

But boy! Have they unloaded on President Trump!

Sorry, but, to use a phrase from GW, “that’s some weird sh-t!” Hard to credit the GW’s and family’s attacks and public criticisms of Trump with GW’s great “care for the American people”… or his respect for the office.

But, perhaps also very important, is GW’s accelerating descent into caricature. He is becoming the GOP’s “Jimmie Carter”!:

“When them cotton balls gets rotten, you can’t pick very much cotton…”

While not reported if GW burst into a few verses of that song, he did sound more like a parody of an 18th century plantation owner in a speech in Dubai last week:

“Trump-hating former president George W Bush said Thursday that America needs illegal immigrants to “pick cotton at 105 degrees,” because Americans won’t.

“There are people willing to do jobs that Americans won’t do,” Bush said. “Americans don’t want to pick cotton at 105 degrees (Fahrenheit), but there are people who want (to) put food on their family’s tables and are willing to do that. We ought to say thank you and welcome them.”

“Bush was speaking at a summit in Abu Dhabi which was put on by the Milken Institute (founded by convicted felon and financier Michael Milken.)”

Yep. Rush is right. GW didn’t sound like the same guy he was ‘back in the day’.          DLH

“Jobs Americans won’t do

Read this Breitbart article referencing President Bush’s comments in Dubai. Data is presented about the impact of legal and illegal immigration on jobs for American citizens.

George W. Bush Praises Cheap Labor Immigration: ‘We Ought to Say Thank You and Welcome Them

We would add : where the hell did Bush get his idea that Americans won’t/don’t pick cotton? Truth is pretty much no one does anymore –  it is at least 96% mechanized and has been for decades.

Living History Farms – Farming in the 50s

Between 1948 and the late 1960s, mechanical harvesting of the cotton crop went from essentially zero to 96 percent of the crop. The machines reduced the man-hours required to produce a cotton crop from 125 hours per acre to 25. It’s estimated that each two-row cotton combine replaced about 80 share croppers and farm workers. In a sense, the cotton combine completed the exodus of blacks from the rural South to the urban North.

Want to see how it is done?  Breitbart provided the first clip and we added another. Creedence Clearwater provided the music .         R Mall

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