Now you can get inoculated against the disease of anti-progressive thought!

“Researchers at Cambridge last year found that briefly exposing people to tactics used by fake news producers can act as a “psychological vaccine” against bogus anti-science campaigns.”


Halellulia!! We are saved!

directed at progressives

A “psychological vaccine” is apparently being developed by which people (especially young people) will be able to immediately recognize when they are being “exposed” to “fake news”… some of the worst of such purveyors would be those who peddle “anti-science campaigns”.

Ah, then the question becomes “who will determine which ‘campaigns’ are spreading such stuff as ‘anti-science’ views so that people will know to ignore and dismiss them?”

Well, let’s see. How about those “campaigns” that suggest that the so-called ‘climate change science’ is not so “settled” after all? (see references @ * below).  Is it possible that the same elite intellectuals who design the defenses against “fake news” is of the same ‘superior class’ who have told us that this ‘science’ topic is no longer debatable?

Or, how about challenges to the current avant grade ‘scientific’ theories of “gender’ being nothing more than a state ‘assigned at birth’, presumably by ignorant parents? Fake news? It is if you have fully bought into the LGBGTQ “movement”!

Maybe solid evidence of mistaken ‘scientific’ verification that human life doesn’t begin at birth and that a fetus is simply discardable tissue…like a wart… is deemed “fake news”?

Say ‘goodbye’ to”Grand Theft Auto” kids . . . you’re about to become experts on what information you must disregard!      DLH

Play ‘fake news tycoon’ to combat misinformation

London (AFP) – Trolling, impersonating, demonising: these are just some of the behaviours encouraged in a new online game launching Tuesday in which young players become “fake news tycoons” — to counter growing misinformation.

Researchers at Cambridge University have teamed up with a Dutch media collective to develop an English version of the game aimed at inoculating people against the spread of so-called fake news.

The exercise encourages participants, who are tasked with building audiences for their imaginary fake news sites, to stoke fear, anger and mistrust by simulating the manipulation of online content.

In the game they choose polarising falsehoods to publish, cultivate an army of Twitter bots, fabricate evidence, and propagate dubious articles and conspiracy theories.

“If you know what it is like to walk in the shoes of someone who is actively trying to deceive you, it should increase your ability to spot and resist the techniques of deceit,” said Sander Van Der Linden, director of the university’s Social Decision-Making Lab.

“We want to help grow ‘mental antibodies’ that can provide some immunity against the rapid spread of misinformation,” she added.

The psychological theory behind the effort is called “inoculation”.

Researchers at Cambridge last year found that briefly exposing people to tactics used by fake news producers can act as a “psychological vaccine” against bogus anti-science campaigns.

A pilot study conducted with teenagers in a Dutch high school used an early paper-and-pen trial of the online game, and showed the perceived “reliability” of fake news to be diminished in teens that played compared to a control group.

“A biological vaccine administers a small dose of the disease to build immunity,” said Van Der Linden.

“Similarly, inoculation theory suggests that exposure to a weak or demystified version of an argument makes it easier to refute when confronted with more persuasive claims.”

The game, based in part on existing studies of online disinformation, takes its cues from actual conspiracy theories about organisations such as the United Nations, and about issues such as vaccines.

It is set to be translated for countries such as Ukraine, where disinformation campaigns are particularly rife

*If there is any sincere effort at objectivity and regard for scientific methodology they would offer “climate change”  as the sine qua non of  group think trolling, corruption, impersonating the truth, demonizing . . .

Global Warming Zealotry: A case study in groupthink  

NOAA caught “cooking the books” again, this time by erasing a record cold snap  


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