Texas no country for old blue

Lying media at it again — portraying yesterday’s Texas primary turnout as a big boost  for Democrat chances but with  little mention that Republican turnout was up and oh yes Ted Cruz one biggly.

In a Houston congressional primary the DNC might be saddled with someone they castigated as a Washington insider / carpetbagger.  Yeh howdy you got that right.

Via Hot Air:
Politico: Texas primary puts egg on DCCC’s face 

And right after the Cruz cruise his campaign ridiculed Democrat opponent “Beto” O’Rourke’  nickname, adopted to imply he is all about being the Hispanic candidate.  He is 4th generation Irish American.

Calls Out Democrat O’Rourke’s Chicanery in First General Election Radio Ad

Here is the Cruz campaign ad:  Catchy

Texas will remain red

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