Corn ethics and trade gestures and one more thing

Chuck, Joni its not good for the environment, atmospheric or political

Exposed lies about global warming and related nonsense,  thermodynamics, economic efficiency, food price pressures, hunger, unnecessary environmental degradation, crony capitalism and various back scratching political  corruptions all speak against ethanol mandates as the unethical treatment of corn.  So while Trump is “big on farmers” we still had high hopes that Trump would set a different course and work to remove crony bills and regulations.

We thought a minor (in the scheme of things) compromise was reached by small refiners represented by Ted Cruz and others in oil states, with corn states led by Chuck Grassley and others over certain arcane blend rules that only people on the money trail can follow. But perhaps it is not to be.  Senator Grassley and Senator Ernst, so good overall, have become caricatures on this by their often ridiculous corn chauvinism, and Senator Grassley uncharacteristically crass (for him, not us) on the matter.

On Renewable Fuel, President Trump Must Not Reverse Course

We trust President Trump’s trade negotiation approach as superior to any we have seen in our political adulthood. We have some humble ideas as to how he might embellish it a bit, with the likes of those of the French affliction.*

Trump Hits Back at Trudeau, Macron Ahead of G-7 Summit

Pick a gesture they can relate to and “Instagram” it to them and maybe tweet “Plus chiant que toi, tu pourras pas en trouver”

And then there’s this:

Harvard scientists: We can prevent climate change by making gasoline out of air 

First of all we are not worried about climate change and some warming is probably good indeed one can argue for putting more CO2 into the atmosphere. However I am also for cheep gas, so the article seems exciting, even though the methodology described therein  is to pull CO2 from the atmosphere. We are skeptical of course. What does it take to get the hydrogen as part of the process (BTU inputs vs outputs) and “the liquid” ( a strong base chemical concoction)?  The article mentions dollar production costs for gasoline, but are those saying it economists accountants or chemists?  A lot of figuring and certain laws of supply and demand need to be adequately considered before such bold talk. If it is truly producible and scalable (not limited by the catalysts costs and availability, etc) then eureka!

R Mall

*I am perhaps 1/4 French Canadian which I have sought cures for and pray the worst implications are not operative

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