Calling them immigration squishes gives some too much credit

•  Ryan no profile in courage as he imagines his swan-song effort on                    immigration

•  It is not merely immigration capitulation it is subversion of party, and economic and cultural well-being

•  Our country will not be a beacon to the world, unless immigration is orderly and protective of what makes America great

Kurt Schlichter has a typically trenchant and truthful article on still Speaker Paul Ryan’s and the Chamber of Commerce’s (puppet master of much of the Republican establishment) efforts to continue the subversion of American cultural interests and working people’s pocket books.

Can the GOP Establishment Stop Being Idiots Just Once?  (excerpt – read the full article regarding the forces aligned)

The Congressional GOP, in its finite wisdom, has taken a look at the Democrats blowing their Blue Wave and decided that the smart play to exploit their unexpected (and undeserved) improving prospects by embracing the exact opposite of what the militant Normals sent them to Washington to do because…because they are establishment Republicans and stupid is what they do.

These geniuses have considered all the possible ways to use the limited legislative time available to implement a conservative agenda and decided that the big legislative priority during the ramp-up to the midterms must be handing citizenship to a bunch of future Democrats who shouldn’t even be here in the first place – and all over the thunderous objections of GOP voters. Paul Ryan’s eager to bring it up again because he’s super savvy in some alternate universe, and if he won’t, the Squish Squad wants to force a vote on comprehensive immigration capitulation via a discharge petition they would sign in collaboration with the Democrats.

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