Michelle O’s “Stuck on Stupid” groupie tour

  • La Première Famille

Beyonce and Jay Z in action on a previous tour

We here at V’pac have made it a minor mission to consolidate some of the grand hypocrisy of the left, especially as personified by the Obama’s, those paragons of stellar family values*  who along with their sycophants  condemn anything Trump does or has ever done as racist, sexist and anti-family.  Michelle was  shocked, shocked  shocked at exposes of Trump’s locker-room presumed private conversation while they celebrate celebrate celebrate with their minor daughters and honor the public display of cultural degeneration.

Michelle O ‘s “crashing” of the recent Jay Z and Beyonce Paris concert is another example.

The left media provided constant glowing  human interest reports of course never mentioning anything interesting about the song Michelle was gigging on, busting a groove to,  swerving on,  ghost riding the whip to,  pogoing,  skanking about,  freaking or crunking harmoniously with. The lyrics and motions to the song that inspired Michelle “when they go low we go high” are mild compared to others in the repertoire of  Jay Z  (and Beyonce) who the Obama’s have found so inspiring for their daughters over the years.

Here are a couple of links to typical stories and then some words and music

Queen Bey’s biggest fan? Excited Michelle Obama lets loose at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Paris concert with the former First Lady dancing up a storm next to Tina Knowles 

Michelle Obama attended Beyonce and Jay-Z’s concert in Paris on Sunday night
Former First Lady was spotted with her 17-year-old daughter Sasha at the Stade de France before Beyonce and Jay-Z took to the stage

Michelle & Sasha Obama La Première Famille Crash Bey and Jay’s Paris Concert

No sign of Barack or Malia here, but the Obama family was definitely well represented. It’s no surprise they’re there either — Michelle and her 2 daughters did the same back in 2014, when B&J were performing in Chicago.

Seems like they like to catch ’em when they can. Who wouldn’t?

Michelle Obama Dances At Beyonce And Jay-Z Concert In Paris And Fans Couldn’t Love It More

Beyonce and Jay-Z have had fans buzzing over their recent performances with their On The Run II Tour and it seems that former First Lady Michelle Obama is one of the millions who has been loving what they’ve been doing. Jay-Z and Beyonce performed in Paris on Sunday and Obama was there and clearly had a blast.

As USA Today shares, Michelle Obama was at Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Paris concert and she was getting her groove on. The former first lady was wearing a casual look that showed off her toned legs and made it easy for her to shake it as the concert progressed.

So what song inspired Michelle to get out there and crunk to . . . why Jay Z’s “On to the Next One” opener.  (lyric excerpts)

Hov’ on that new shit, niggaz like, “How come?”
Niggas want my old shit, buy my old album
Niggas stuck on stupid, I gotta keep it movin’
Niggas make the same shit, me I make “The Blueprints”

. . .

Used to rock a throwback, ballin’ on the corner
Now I rock a Teller suit, lookin’ like a owner
No I’m not a Jonas Brother, I’m a grown up
No I’m not a virgin, I use my cojones

I move onward, the only direction
Can’t be scared to fail, searchin’ perfection
Gotta keep it fresh, girl, even when we sexin’
But don’t be mad at him when he’s on to the next one

. . .

Fuck a throwback jersey ’cause we on to the next one
And fuck that Auto-Tune ’cause we on
And niggas don’t be mad ’cause it’s all about progression
Loiterers should be arrested

I used to drink Cristal, them fuckers racist
So I switched gold bottles on to that Spade shit
You gonna have another drink or you just gonna babysit?
On to the next one, somebody call the waitress   . . .

Bought the Jeep, tore the motherfuckin’ doors off
Foot out that bitch, ride the shit like a skateboard
Navigation on, tryin’ to find my next thrill
Feelin’ myself, I don’t even need an X pill

*You know – the “pro-family”  abortion at any time for any reason even after birth, yet he the son of an unwed and pregnant teenage mother — those Obamas

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