Reflecting  more through the day on the implications of our post regarding the recent EPA report denigrating the beneficence of corn based ethanol as fuel, aggravated by mandates, the matter helps identify one of THE big problems in cleaning up the swamp.  Republicans.

It is not just about one issue. Indeed a few can be forgiven. That the Republican establishment (apart from some individual legislators) think the grassroots are rubes and unsophisticated is well, well established.  They think that platforms are sops to be ignored, they put as much credence in the adult versions as the junior delegate results. Platforms are a childish exercise in general to be tolerated politely, as if at the family dinner table and the children are asked their opinion, traditionally however formulaicly, and all are politely applauded and then ignored.  Mommy and daddy are in charge. Actually the boss, as in the big donors, and fear of losing “the job” is what is in charge. Unfortunately it can from merely loud with maybe a few elbows thrown, to downright vicious.

More on this later. yours truly has been working his day job which has involved a lot of overtime of late. We will get back on track with more posts.

R Mall

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