This is why conservatives can’t achieve good things . . .

. . . in part it is irresponsible libertarian nincompoopery allowed by respected conservative publications

Seriously he wrote this?! AND MEANT IT!

The Murder Of Mollie Tibbetts Is Reason To Loosen Immigration Laws, Not Restrict Them 

The real lesson is that who want to come here and work will find a way to do it, regardless of the barriers in their path.

The Federalist article by a senior correspondent  John Daniel Davidson uses a headline that is not merely click-bait, it reflects what he writes. Read it and be distressed, this is how Chamber types and some libertarians think.   It contains the usual error-ridden tripe and non sequiturs . . . “jobs Americans won’t do,” the lie that illegal immigrants commit less crime than citizens, that they are “taxpayers” (not net of course),  . . .” a wall won’t stop them”   Most of the comments were to disagree and many of them  ridiculed the article and the premise.  Read the article and the comments (feeling free to have reservations about some of the comments).  Two short and to the points ones we likesd were:

Nice try, John. The American people are the victims. Especially those at the lower income levels. Add to that a higher use of entitlements. Prison statistics belie your claim of modest criminal activity.


If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. The Americans murdered by illegal invaders underscore the cost of leaving our border defenseless.

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