Waldo pokes his head out of hiding

AT LAST! U S Attorney John Huber, appointed 9 Months Ago By A G SESSIONS To Investigate Clinton Email Scandal And DOJ Lawlessness, Issues Major Statement! America Stunned!:

At least this explains Huber”s whereabouts, he has been hot on the trail of wifty jurisprudence, which has reduced his attention span for other matters, like Constitutional  legitimacy, people above the law, etc.


In related news: Rachel Maddow faints on camera; “End of the Republic” Schumer declares; “we knew Huber was tough, but we never expected this…”, statement issued by Robert Mueller office.                 DLH

US Attorney for Utah: Important detail has been lost in medical marijuana debate

More importantly:

Why Hasn’t U.S. Attorney John Huber Talked to Bruce Ohr Yet? 

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  1. DLH says:

    A question for readers: Are you aware of anyone in the media noting that after 9 months or so of ‘intense’ investigation’ into all that Hillary email stuff and the FBI’s clumsy, if not lawless, handing of their own “investigations”, the renowned US Attorney John Huber, has this big disclosure?!!
    Jeff Sessions must be proud!

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