It seemed there was something in the air yesterday, impervious to the moisture

Whatever the cause behind this social / political vignette I observed yesterday it was a magnitude of 2 or 3 times previous experience.

There we were along Middle Road in Bettendorf yesterday afternoon with about 50 or so Life Chain demonstrators.  It is an annual event that takes place across the country in many hundreds of communities to demonstrate for life, usually at or near abortion chambers, especially Planned Parenthood. The demonstration was near the site where there was one. The Planned Parenthood syndicate closed their baby killing enterprise  in Bettendorf about ten months ago, more out of efficiency in the face of reduced money from the public trough.

Planned Parenthood’s absence and the weather contributed to the reduced turn-out from previous years but the response from passersby was actually increased and overwhelmingly positive.  The measure is horn-honks as leading signs call to honk for life, and they did in abundance far more than any other year in my many years of participating at the site. I wish I had had the presence of mind to record a video clip with sound.

What did it mean?  I don’t know for sure as it could mean anything from better signs /visibility to the occasion, or, maybe, given the timeliness and degree of coverage,  anticipation and support of the Kavanaugh approval.  A new day dawning?  We hope Kavanaugh is worthy of the day.

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