Caravan frauds and propaganda machines: Hanoi Jane is Fonda calumny towards her enemies

  • Disregard the apologists for Tokyo Rose and the later day ladies of the evening news like Jane Fonda, they were all about helping the enemy
  • The Honduran caravan perps rely on propaganda (article below)

Actress Jane Fonda, a.k.a. Hanoi Jane is the latest celeb to make headlines by paralleling the rise of Adolf Hitler and President Trump.

Tokyo Rose (alternative spelling Tokio Rose) was a name given by Allied troops in the South Pacific during World War II to all female English-speaking radio broadcasters of Japanese propaganda.[1] The programs were broadcast in the South Pacific and North America to demoralize Allied troops abroad and their families at home by emphasizing troops’ wartime difficulties and military losses.[1][2] Several female broadcasters operated under different aliases and in different cities throughout the Empire, including Tokyo, Manila, and Shanghai.[3] The name “Tokyo Rose” was never actually used by any Japanese broadcaster,[2][4] but it first appeared in U.S. newspapers in the context of these radio programs in 1943.[5]

Hanoi Jane’s notoriety in being a propaganda front for the enemy during the Vietnam war does not need recapitulation.  Interestingly, as a result of our Bing search, which we rely on more than Google, high on the search list as to the subject matter of propaganda perpetrators, was a link which included within it this testimonial of veterans opposed to John McCain’s presidential ambitions. We have no criticism per se of how or why McCain felt compelled to issue propaganda statements NVA handed him, he was tortured and perhaps they threatened more or offered something to other prisoners. We were not there. But that does not make one a special hero either. However his refusal to accept early release is a non-starter as to any serious consideration of hero status as his campaign tried to maintain. The video gets into that. An explanation for his treatment of MIA’s and supportive activists is another matter. To them it seems that he was still playing the NVA game.

Veritaspac, a.k.a. “truth in political action” is one of the honest websites offering headlines with accuracy in comparing Hanoi Jane to the Tokyo Roses, and not giving John McCain credit where it is not due.

And speaking of propaganda, there is none more prevalent right now than what the dominant liberal media is spewing about the :refugee” caravan heading our way from Central America.

Excerpts from this American Thinker article by Monica Showlater.  Bold emphasis ours.

Caravan not viewed nicely by people who actually know Honduras 

A (former Hondoran) diplomat, he expressed pity for the migrants, not because they were poor, but because they being used by the political left, which he delicately characterized as “the opposition party.”

“I know my country well, so I support a lot of projects, water projects, health projects, education projects, garbage trucks in my hometown,” he says. “Things are much better in Honduras, we’re not the most violent country in the world anymore.”

While conditions are improving he says, the unemployment rate is near 20 percent and 60 percent of the population live in poverty. The migrants joining the caravans are the poorest of the poor, he says, looking for a better life with nothing left to lose. But, he says these people are being exploited by their home countries. Being promised something in America they can’t achieve.

“There have been documented cases where the opposition party (ed. note: meaning here in the US as in Democrats)  from the government right now are trying to support and encourage these people even with money to come,” he said.

What’s more, he said they were being “exploited” because they weren’t going to succeed here in the states, they simply didn’t have the education or skills. Left unsaid, but obvious enough, they were being exploited by the left here, too,  . . .

. . .  (Referencing a Honduran resident social activist) She points out that culture matters, and that poor Hondurans who are offered things for free often value them for exactly what they paid for them, which is to not value them at all, which suggests problems down the line for the states if these caravan migrants are let in:

We on the frontlines in Honduras have offered high-quality free education in the school we operate to more than 100 youth in the past five years, and more than half have walked out because they admittedly had no interest in studying or preparing for the future. They are now vagabonds in our rural neighborhood, zipping up and down gravel roads on their bikes and falling into the traps presented by  drugs, petty crime and sexual promiscuity.

She also points out that the caravan itself is an enticement to irresponsibility, with children abandoned as their military-aged young fathers head off to the states in search of the gringo’s free stuff. Seriously, the children are dumped.

Just two weeks ago, a single father suddenly withdrew his three children from our school and joined the caravan in hopes of a better future. A respected friend of ours informed us that his children appeared on the news about a week ago and are now being held in the Honduran capital, where they will be placed in an orphanage. Is this the better life he was hoping to forge for his children?

Another example is that of my husband and two of our teen foster daughters who were driving home from a ballet class around dinnertime several days ago and found the intersection of our rural neighborhood filled with close to 200 people all frantically trying to form another caravan to follow  the first. There were people screaming and trying to get more people to abandon their homes as they would gamble everything for their slice of the American Dream. My husband and daughters were devastated, as we know too well that many marriages are broken, children abandoned, lies believed and laws broken when people choose this route.

Seriously. With this garbage going on as the caravan takes off, is this what the press, and the Catholic Church, with its liberation theology acolytes, is really encouraging in a supposedly Catholic country? Is this kind of child-dumping what Pope Francis is encouraging us here in the states to support as he asks us to “walk with migrants”? It’s unvarnished moral turpitude and right there ought to disqualify anyone who does it from entry into the U.S. One wonders if the immigration officers would even ask about such a thing – did you abandon a child in the streets to get the goodies here – . . .

What it all highlights is how thick the tissue of lies from the press really has been about an otherwise little-known country that has been painted as hell on earth, but which really isn’t. The people who have been cited have spent their lives working to help Hondurans better themselves in a real way. Along comes a caravan, promising paradise (and big gringo benefit packages), and their work is undercut.

Thank goodness they are saying something. Because with their accounts, the caravan stands exposed as a lefty political fraud.

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