Fred Hubbell would be good for Illinois

No, not as to any policy sense as he is just another Pritzger (albeit with less personality). But if trust fund Fred were to win there should be less flight from that high-tax state seeking relief in Iowa as Hubbell is committed to raising taxes and regulations and turning healthcare into a state bureaucracy.

The Hubbell campaign has spent a lot on a scare ad (radio and TV) showcasing a disabled person who says he lost medical care and had to move because of Kim Reynolds “medicare privatization” policies. Frankly we doubt his financial situation could not be alleviated under Reynolds policies and existing programs.  However we think it probably has had an impact, Democrat scaremongering and offers of “free” healthcare do.  The Reynolds’ campaign issued an ad we think has been an effective counter.  If you have not seen it you can below. Thanks to JB for the forward.

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