Sessions no longer in session

Have you heard?  Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been fired…er, “resigned”!

You could’ve knocked me over with a feather! Rumor has it that Sessions and President Trump didn’t get along very well. Hmm, imagine that.

OK. seriously now.This was no news to anyone in these United States and abroad. And, most folks, outside of avid fans of NPR pretty much know why this came to pass.

Jeff Sessions is a pretty good guy. He accomplished some significant things during his tenure as Attorney General. He was very supportive of many of President Trump’s law and order and justice goals, especially in addressing illegal immigration issues as effectively as possible given opposition by the media, the Democrat party, many ruthless, dishonest and self-serving people in his own department, and various Never-Trump Republicans.

One little known accomplishment of Gen. Sessions I liked, was the halt to the Obama administration’s despicable practice of extorting money from banks and other large institutions for infractions only a bureaucratic dictatorship would claim and to distribute the proceeds from resulting fines and legal settlements to the leftwing causes so vital to Democratic party interests.

Sessions deserves well-earned credit for other better known actions by his DOJ. Perhaps, bottom line, Jeff Sessions was at least, a refreshing breath of fresh air after the wholly dishonest, and damaging reign of Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch.

All that said, we firmly believe it is best that he leave the Justice Department at this time.

And we believe there are many who agree and understand why.

And we also believe it is not because the former, long-time Republican senator from Alabama and early supporter of Trump’s presidential candidacy recused himself from the “Russia Collusion” investigation. We do though, believe that he naively and unknowingly accepted the recommendation of Obama “holdovers” and bitterly partisan opponents of the Trump administration that were then rife within the DOJ.

Whether or not Sessions’ recusal was correct and, in good faith, or not is essentially beside the point.

We believe Sessions’ errors followed on that decision but were not his most grievous misstep:

1) His early trust in the mendacious Rod Rosentein was a grave mistake

2) Late in realizing how corrupt the leadership of the FBI was, he failed to take the necessary action to address it

3) Whether or not he knew how treacherous the actions by his predecessors, the entire national security agencies, the White House and State Department, and the Clinton Secretary of State’s office and presidential campaign were, is less relevant than the fact that as Attorney General, he took no effective action to thwart the dangerous activity we have seen play out over the past two years plus.

4) Seems to us, as various aspects of the treachery which had been practiced for almost the entire previous 8 years were revealed and other facts of it were being withheld, the appointment of another special Counsel was vitally necessary. At a minimum Sessions failed to direct the Deputy AG (Rosenstein) to stop stonewalling and defying the Constitutionally authorized congressional oversight committees to properly fulfill their responsibilities.

5) As an obvious lame reaction to his failure to do so and the pressure building for him to take that action, Sessions instead named the obscure federal prosecutor, John Huber, as his guy to assist the much touted, publicly ineffective, curiously ‘motivated’ Office of the Inspector General to “investigate”.

As the Mueller investigation has proceeded, eroding public confidence in government competence and honesty, as reputations were being unjustly ruined, as the scope of corruption in our nation’s greatest institutions was becoming obvious, the Sessions Department of Justice sat by and watched, alarmingly timid and seemingly confused and adrift. Mr. Sessions’ “appointed quasi-Special Counsel ” had delivered no action, not even a report on “progress”, or lack of, and the Inspector General’s promised report on the FBI’s H. Clinton investigation has yet to be delivered. All of it has now almost completed disappeared from public consciousness.

Thus, with some regret that another good man, Jeff Sessions, has fallen victim to an incredibly corroded bureaucracy, we believe he had to go at this time.      DLH

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  1. …and we lost his Senate seat to boot.

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