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Rejection. It’s a bitter pill. The QC Times declined to print this letter. They noted they’d printed (2) other letters “critical” of their position. I had to look up “critical” in the dictionary. For a second I thought I’d been misusing it all these years.

I sent it in on Oct. 28th. I waited, and waited and waited. Finally, I sent a follow-up email. Oh, we’re not going to use it. Maybe I’m a prima donna, but isn’t it customary to say, “Thanks, but…”? Not to be full of myself, but they pay for drivel less entertaining than my letters.

As for the rejection; Was it something I said?       Gene

Gene’s letter to the QC Times  (Gene is now consigned to wearing a “purple letter” of political incorrectness)

Editor: (QC Times)

Kudos to the QC Times’ investigative team for exposing one of the area’s most heinous bad-actors, and plastering her photo all over the front page. (Oct. 25th)

What was her crime? Was she: The killer in one of Davenport’s unsolved murders? Involved in a high-speed chase, endangering the lives of innocent motorists? The gunman in one of the almost daily “shots fired” incidents?

Nothing so trivial as that. This villainous vixen went to a costume party as a character from the stupid movie Napoleon Dynamite. Our perpetrator is white, the character she portrayed is black.

We can’t have that. Even worse, when she’s not at costume parties threatening civilization, she’s a teacher. Society isn’t safe with her having contact with young minds.

The school district’s opened an investigation. I’m not sure if they can “lock her up”, but they can ruin her career. The QC Times has already done its number on her reputation. But is that sufficient punishment for such an egregious act?

I was surprised the (ex)superintendent even made a statement. With Davenport’s school district under State supervision over its racial policies, I’d expected, “No comment”.

My reaction? “What hypocrites.” Davenport’s school district’s condemnation of this teacher’s like the pot calling the kettle… Then I remembered, Davenport’s schools wouldn’t call the kettle anything, they’d put it in Special ed.

Someone decided this woman’s “transgression” warranted half of the front page. Has the threshold for destroying someone’s life been lowered to, “exhibited bad taste that led to hurt feelings”? If so, Congratulations.

Eugene Mattecheck Jr. Moline

Our reply:

Gene –

It got worse, besides the front page treatment they even editorialized about how horrible the act was and how lessons must be learned.

In answer to your question:

Being rejected by the QC Times  . . . is like being rejected by a sorority of politically correct liberal prigs

Being rejected by the QC Times . . . is like being rejected by the QC Torquemada

Being rejected by the QC Times . . . is like being rejected by a cancer study ‘cuz you don’t have it

Of course readers get our drift and can add their own

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9 Responses to He writes almost inconsolably but Gene needs to know

  1. You are good at what you do.

  2. I listened to WOC that morning (Oct 25th). The callers mostly tried to (politely) say what my letter (forthrightly) said. WOC’s smarmy, self-righteous morning host dismissed their opinions, and “dissed” (disrespected) the callers. Sanity returned that afternoon with Jim Fisher’s callers expressing the same sentiments, only not being mocked for them.
    As an aside, months ago I called the WOC morning show telling the host that being smarmy was a fatal flaw.
    People can abide differing views presented in an entertaining manner. A smarmy attitude will cause listeners to tune to another station.
    He played along with me, and after the commercial break, admitted he had to look up “smarmy” in the dictionary. He didn’t say if his photo was next to the definition.

  3. DLH says:

    How is this ‘transgression’ worse than the Q C Times masquerading as a ‘newspaper’?

  4. DLH says:

    How is this “transgression” worse than the QC Times masquerading as a ‘newspaper’?

    (What exactly does the “Davenport school district” (now there’s something that SHOULD be investigated) “investigate” in this momentous case?)

  5. I had little use for Jon Alexander, but when he did a hit piece on Phil Yerington, I called Jon out personally. The Times printed it. Letter: ‘Public flogging’ was unfair

  6. Jillian says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with your letter; the crybaby QCT got called out and they and won’t allow that to happen. We have to remember the QCT is a lefty tool and will stop at absolutely NOTHING to destroy anyone they get their hooks into, like this teacher for instance. Maybe she doesn’t follow the lefty agenda as preened over by the QCT. The QCT is right down there in the swampy abyss with the likes of the NYT. Her personal life is none of anyone’s business especially some yellow newsoutfit such as the QCT. Just look at the editorials that have appeared in the QCT, they would have us believe that everyone who breathes is against President Trump…whoa, look at that man’s rallys, no matter where they are held, thousands turn out!!! The media lies and they want us to swallow their lies as truth. The country has never been in better shape and the democruds want to destroy that. Ozero was the most divisive individual to ever occupy the oval office…he started the race baiting, he hung targets on the back of our law enforcement officers, and it goes on. ALL the crap Ozero started, President Trump is being blamed for…democruds, nothing but liars and hypocrites! Gene, your letter is great and speaks the truth, something liberals shun.

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