Tails I win, heads you must have cheated

Former Senator Nelson…congratulations on this election’s most “un-gracious”, sore-loser , “concession” speech this election cycle; and Stacy, second most

Daniel Sobieski Writes “Ending Election Fraud“…our comment: “Good Luck with That!

– “Democrats have long pushed for voting ease at the expense of voting integrity, pushing measures from voting by mail, to Motor Voter laws, to same-day registration while opposing voter ID laws which require people to show up on election day with proof they are who they say they are.”

– “Wednesday 2:18 a.m. EST — Republican Yvette Herrell has defeated Democrat Xochitl Torres Small in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, ABC News can project. Herrell is the first woman to represent the district.Not so fast. Before the echoes of that announcement had faded, missing ballots suddenly were repeatedly found, just enough to flip the results to the Democrat.

– One is reminded of the classic case of an arguably close stolen election, the 1960 presidential contest between John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon

Like our Immigration laws, one could say that “our voting laws are ‘broken'”.

Damn right they are!

Also like our Immigration laws, it’s the people with the responsibility and the power to enforce the laws who “broke” them.

Election 2018 is only the latest appalling example…in Florida and elsewhere. In this article Sobieski details a few of the methods by which Democratic politicians and election officials blatantly defy laws intended to insure free and honest elections.

One method, however, he doesn’t cite by which elections have been stolen, or attempted, in recent years by the Democrats…and has been employed in Florida and Georgia and elsewhere in this most recent election, is one that is especially unctuous to me.

And that’s one, as we’ve just seen, inevitably used by Democrats when a close election results in “hand counting” of ballots. This is where legally rejected ballots are “re-examined’ and ‘appointed officials from both parties’ attempt to determine what the individual voter “intended” when he or she improperly filled out their ballot.

As most everyone can recall, this was a method used extensively in Florida in 2000, when “hanging chads” were the chosen ploy by which the Gore folks thought would settle the presidential election in their favor. Fortunately, for the entire world, it didn’t, thanks to the proper intervention by the US Supreme Court.

The point is, however, since everyone solemnly proclaims what a “sacred duty” in a free society that the vote is, it is not unreasonable to expect each voter to carefully and responsibly follow, in great detail, the correct instructions by which to legally cast their ballot.

Like many readers, I approach the ‘voting booth’ with a certain amount of trepidation. I know the candidates I wish to vote for before I get to the polling place. I am aware of the instructions given in order to properly cast my ballot. I was already aware of them generally to the extent possible. As I stand before the machine and and prepare to fill out the ballot before me, though, I once again go over carefully the instructions provided by the official who led me to the voting booth as well those provided on the ballot itself. Perhaps a little overly cautious, I’m always just a little nervous trying to insure I’m doing everything right so that my ballot counts.

But, what do you know?! If a “hand count” is eventually called for in one of those ‘close elections’, some partisan “official’ will review a correctly rejected ballot from some heavily partisan precinct in which the would be voter for example, has incorrectly ‘filled in’ the circle beside both candidates for an office. The ‘officials’ often as not in a hand recount, get away with declaring which candidate the ‘voter’ actually ‘intended’ to vote for (no doubt the “official’s’ party) thus accepting the once-rejected improperly completed ballot and effectively cancelling out my meticulously correct ballot!

Fortunately, for both the successful candidates, and for America, this ploy has failed in at least Florida (for the Senate and Governor races) and in Georgia (for the Governor race).

Hopefully, this disgusting practice has lost its magic.

However, I just watched defeated candidate, Bill Nelson become the second unsuccessful Democrat (Stacy Abrams in Georgia as the first) to give the most un-gracious “concession” speech imaginable.

It was all that “voter suppression” goin’ on’s the reason Nelson and Abrams lost.

The nerve! Not allowing non- citizens to elect ‘their’ representatives! And, adding “insult” to injury, requiring voters to verify that they are who they say they are!

Have a nice retirement, former Senator Nelson. And Stacy…say “hi” to Oprah for me. DLH

In this thoughtful, well-researched, and documented piece by Daniel J. Sobieski, he lays out the reasons for a substantial overhaul of our voting laws in America. Democrats oppose any ‘common sense’ (a term used by Dems exclusively to advocate for ever more restrictive gun laws) measures to insure the integrity of the election process.

Some of Mr. Sobieski points, while being known and reported on in various venues, are nonetheless rather startling and surprising to folks who only casually follow the ‘voting rights’ debate which invariably follows controversial elections or precedes efforts to enact legislation which makes voter fraud less easily accomplished.

How these facts do not seem to arouse universal awareness and outrage among the American people to put a stop to the kinds of things Democrats routinely do to steal elections is beyond me (but, I guess, so much is)!   DLH

A very instructive worthy read”

Ending Election Fraud

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