Well we will see if “Yes Virginia there is a John Huber”

Reference our post on  November 23, 2018

(After ‘googling’ 5 pages of links, I could find no reference to a scheduled Dec. 5 appearance by John Huber to testify before a congressional committee about his work in ‘investigating’ the Hillary Clinton email ‘saga’,initially commissioned by then AG Jeff Sessions, other than mostly obscure blogs with the exception of the FreeRepublic and Conservative TreeHouse. No mention in liberal news outlets appeared.)

Perhaps we were a bit ‘misled’.
It IS Dec. 5…we assumed 2018… but no word anywhere we’ve found, that the elusive “John Huber” is “up on the Hill, rarin’ to give testimony that will “blow the lid off” of… anything. 
Sorry Virginia…maybe there really isn’t a “John Huber”.      DLH
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