The essence of the “argument”of open border proponents:

The brave migrant parent willing to sacrifice for a ‘better life:”step away from the border and give us your benefits and share your wealth…or the kid dies…” 

Look for them to step up the pace

In the cynical calculus of the planners and abettors of the illegal immigrant assault on US borders and national security, the death of young children is considered a ‘contribution’ to the goal of ‘open borders’ they lust for.

With the report of a second migrant child’s death, not so ‘subtly’ suggested, “at the hands of our border security agencies”, “while in the custody of ” we can expect the increased and shockingly undisguised exploitation of this tragedy.

As we have regretfully suggested, the 7, 8, 9 year old ‘migrant’ children are little more than the “eggs” which every tyrant considers necessary to ‘break’ in achieving their “omelet” of oppression and brutal domination.

The “abettors”…the liberal media, eager to give as wide and distorted coverage as possible in order to advance their “cause”; the leftist, radical bi-partisan congressional crowd; the greediest of employers among us…while professing their “deep sadness over such tragedies” never fail to recognize and exploit the opportunity to use them to demand the admission of every ‘migrant’ who desires to ‘share’ the benefits of a free and compassionate society… a “crisis” never to be ‘wasted’.

It is one thing for a parent, often portrayed as willing to endure great peril to achieve a ‘better life’ for their families as the media endlessly suggests is every ‘migrant’s’ noble goal.

It is quite another for a parent to put their young children in great peril to facilitate their motives, noble or otherwise.

Not all, obviously, but we believe that among the ‘families’ seeking ‘refugee status’…there are those who do not have the noblest of aspirations…they are those who suggest to us the grim anecdote of the “courageous” father willing to ‘sacrifice every thing for a better life’ by holding a gun to the head of the infant son he holds in his arms and threatens, “give me what I want, or the kid dies!” DLH

Via NBC News:


Apparently what leftist loons have in mind for the world is free range citizenship

“Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Tex., the incoming chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, credited CBP for its timely public notification, but he also blamed the Trump administration’s broader immigration policy for putting migrants in harm’s way.”

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