Hardly worth mentioning that Sinema rejects Bible for traditional oath of office

Kyrsten Sinema’s dress draws attention at Senate swearing-in

“Sinema made even more history than that, becoming the first openly bisexual person in the Senate.”

Okay, we’ll ask one more time: Why is great celebration in order because another liberal Democrat has joined the United States Senate?

That’s easy, we are told. Kirsten Sinema is the first US Senator who likes to have sex with men, women, and presumably, “non -binary” beings… and proudly wants the world to know it!

So, I guess that’s it for the “groundbreaking” sexual preferences topic. Bestiality, pedophilia,and other less ‘openly’ acknowledged, ‘unconventional’ practices are, hopefully, down the road a bit yet.

How then, does the next unabashed liberal distinguish him/her self.

Don’t we shudder to think?

As with Ms. Sinema’s joyously received disclosure, and the next libertine who seeks to win votes by ‘letting it all out’, who cares about your personal, private, preferences.

Will the next ‘courageous’ liberal come out of the ‘closet’, the ‘shadows’ , or wherever they may now lurk, to be the first would be officeholder to openly announce their ‘unique’ bathroom habits”?

Never thought I’d give credit to any US Senators or other politicians who, at least, possibly out of respect for their office or their constituencies, keep their private depravities to themselves. DLH

Other comment via the same Arizona Republic article:: Mary Emily O’Hara, associate editor at @INTO, tweeted, “Kyrsten Sinema is sworn in today as the nation’s first openly bisexual senator and the first-ever Mamie Van Doren cosplayer in congress.”

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