Wall letter, and search wall regarding it

We apologize for this presentation, a camera shot e-mailed us off hand as the sender was likely unaware of the problem we encountered in trying to get a link to the article. We could not find the letter below archived at the QC Times. We searched the QCTimes website using “Hartsuch” and the separately the name given the article “Democrats don’t want border security”. As of this writing the search only produced the rebuttal, not Hartsuch’s letter and of course the rebuttal came a couple of days later but was already archived. Strange. Try it. Let us know your results. In the mean time read the worthy letter:

Search results QCTimes official site: Search term “Hartsuch” provides a rebuttal only, Hartsuch’s letter is not in the string. Maybe it will appear eventually, when someone gets around to it. Note that in the string are rebuttals only to another Hartsuch letter to editor, but not his. Strange indeed.

Search results: “Democrats don’t want border security”. Hartsuch’s actual; letter not in string. In both cases it made no difference whether quick or advanced search was used.

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  1. I dropped Ed Tibbetts a note about the Jan 6th LTEs not in archives. Mr. Hartsuch’s earlier letter is in archives as a guest columnist, not LTE. Gene

  2. The letters are now online. The hockey letter too. Under Jan. 6th. Checked archives, it’s there too. I dropped Ed Tibbetts a line, he said he’d check.

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