Maybe Il Papa doesn’t want to take sides …

Did anybody expect to hear any comment from the pulpit Sunday about the grisly, unconscionable pro-abortion campaign being waged in state legislatures like New York, Virginia, etc ?

Talks a good game on occasion, bypasses educable moments that could embarrass liberals

I did, but in my Kansas parish, it certainly wasn’t discussed.

But then, one must consider that it is obviously not a top priority with the Leader of the Roman Catholic Church. When “climate change” and “social justice” are the chief concerns, things like abortion, infanticide, and the antics of Latin American dictators must take a “back pew” the things that rub his biggest fan boys  in the media the wrong way.

Or, perhaps Il Papa has concluded that “it is premature to take sides…” on that issue” (late, late term abortion) because “it could cause more damage” as he noted in explaining why he didn’t wish to opine about Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela. Or maybe the Pope has not spoken yet, or disciplined anyone, out of his deep commitment to being the good pastor. . . however more pastoral on some issues rather than others.

To our churchgoing readers: Was the “abortion/infanticide” issue a topic of discussion in your Sunday service?        DLH

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