Short Takes – Elizabeth Warren in Iowa

Language corrupts

So Lizzy Fauxahontas Warren wants to lead us Pilgrims . . . over the cliff

And apparently by the QC Times choice of words to describe Fauxahontas’s mission as “populist”, the tens of millions of people who voted for Trump are all billionaires or something

And being a socialist –  she a HUGE bureaucracy advocate – for government control of everything substantial in life — markets – what is earned  – health care – resuscitate or not – what is taught –  –  and (inevitably) written and broadcast . . .

Sen. Elizabeth Warren brings populist message to Davenport

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2 Responses to Short Takes – Elizabeth Warren in Iowa

  1. GUS says:

    It’s probably just a rumor, but after kicking off her campaign in a Massachusetts “sanctuary city”, while wearing a serape and a sombrero, Liz is proclaiming herself a candidate to be America’s first Latina “El Presidente’!

    Like I say, probably just a rumor, but, ya know, it is Elizabeth Warren…

  2. Eugene Mattecheck Jr says:

    My wife’s father, a hard democrat, had always said there was American Indian blood in the family. There was this dark, grainy photo in the album that might have been proof.
    My wife got him a DNA kit for Christmas. It came back 76% Irish/Scot/Welsh. 0% American Indian. My 1st reaction? Damn, he’s the only guy in the quad-cities whiter than Liz Warren.

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