The threat that should not have been ignored

OBVIOUSLY Jussie needed to do something to impress upon people the danger from  Trump deplorables. You can’t just let something like this go!!   Besides even if the post mark was not from Covington Kentucky YOU KNOW THAT SCHOOL was behind it

“Threats to Jussie Likely Came From Covington, KY

Written in crayon and expertly illustrated by carefully drawn stick figures convinced a number of top media figures that the perpetrator was a 9 year old toxically white person, likely living in Covington, KY.

“No wonder it scared the daylights out of poor Jussie”, said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Lovable “Jussie”… he’s definitely a ‘man of letters’ himself.  Always preaching “Stop the Hate” . . . ” Stop the Hate”

Lose the flag Jussie


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  1. DLH says:

    Nike has a new ad for its “Air Kaepernick” basketball shoes:
    “He risked everything for more bucks” , “Jussie”. DLH

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