“All the ‘News’ That’s Fit to Make Up”, Part 2


– Young Trump Arrested for Ignoring Congressional Subpoena

– More than 100 FBI Agents Raid Trump Family’s New Jersey
“Getaway” Residence

– Schiff: “No one is above the Law”

– Senator Harris: “Both ironic and appropriate”

One hundred and five heavily armed, hardworking, dedicated, non-political FBI agents swooped down on the President Trump family’s spacious luxury retreat at Bedminster Golf Club Friday morning and arrested the president’s son, Barron Trump, age 13.

From our files: “What Democrats are capable of”

Little has been said about the reason for young Trump’s arrest, but in a press conference shortly after the raid, FBI Director Christopher Wray told reporters that Barron’s arrest was the result of his failure to answer a subpoena from the House Congressional Select Oversight Committee, headed by Adam Schiff (D,CA).

According to Schiff and Jerome Nadler, young Trump, is thought to have close ties with Russians who may have been implicated in alleged attempts to swing the 2016 election to his father, Donald Trump.

“We are very concerned”, said Nadler, who is chairman of the House Judiciary Committee investigating possible collusion between Russia’s Putin government and the Trump campaign.

“We know that Mr. (Barron) Trump was close friends with the son of a Russian diplomat and intelligence operative when both attended pre-school less than 8 years ago”, Nadler disclosed.

Although Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of collusion, several Democrat House Committees are continuing to investigate the allegation.

It was revealed just this week that the House Judiciary committee had been preparing to issue a request to young Trump to appear before it to answer questions concerning that relationship with, and the Russian youth’s ties to, the alleged attempt to tamper with the election. It was also revealed that Barron had continued to have a close friendship with the Russian youth since their days in pre-school.

The raid on Friday included forced entry into the First Lady’s quarters at about 3:15 AM. The Trumps maintain a a getaway residence at the New Jersey golf resort (Trump National  Golf Club (Bedminster, New Jersey).

According to CNN, which first reported on the raid, more than 100 FBI agents, two federal helicopter gunships and a military Bradley Fighting vehicle were involved.

Director Wray, when asked why the overwhelming force was necessary indicated the Bureau “…was not sure what they might be walking into…”. One agent who was involved spoke off the record, saying that they had information that on his 12th birthday, Barron Trump had received an Eddie Eagles instruction course and a lifetime membership in the NRA from his father.

Congressperson, Maxine Waters, who accompanied CNN in the helicopter that filmed the scene of the raid was more blunt in describing the FBI’s fears,“… the agents didn’t know if the little thug was armed or not…”, she said.

It has not been learned how CNN became aware of the raid in time to get a helicopter aloft to cover it but sources say that Waters has close friends at high levels in the Bureau and at CNN.

According to unnamed sources within the FBI, young Trump is being held in an undisclosed “detention” facility in the D.C. area. According to a spokesperson from the office of Senator Kamala Harris, who it is reported is following the case closely, Barron Trump is being held in a facility similar to the ‘cages’ in which ICE holds children of undocumented refugees.

“It is both ironic and appropriate that the president experiences first hand the terror and humiliation which he imposes on others”, Harris is quoted as saying.

Mrs. Trump was allowed to see Barron briefly, within an hour after his arrest. The Washington Post reports that Mrs. Trump was immediately rushed by private helicopter to the detention facility, still wearing, according to Post fashion critic, Robin Givhan, the $1,360 Carine Gibson kimono that she was wearing when agents broke down the door of the bedrooms where she and Barron were asleep.

According to the AP, the First Lady was attempting to arrange for her son’s release as soon as possible.

Sources tell the AP that bail for young Trump is being set at $1 million , but it is expected he will spend at least another night in detention before release.

A question that was raised is where the First Lady’s Secret Service detail was during the raid. That, and other questions have been referred to the White House but, as yet, no statement has been issued.



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