Chicago’s “First Step for Jussie” program

Mayor Emanuel blasts prosecutors’ decision to drop charges against ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett: ‘This is not on the level’ 

Oh, come now Rahm. This is just Chicago’s “First Step’Program”!

A little different, maybe from the recently signed federal program but substantially similar.

The bi-partisan federal law is aimed at:

addressing the issue of ‘ballooning’ prison populations; Chicago’s program certainly does that…in this case, the potential prison population is reduced by one!

allows judges to bypass minimum sentences. Chicago allows corrupt prosecutors to bypass sentences AND laws.

the federal program provides for compassionate release for the elderly, the terminally ill, and, in Chicago’s program, highly paid black actors also.

Finally, the federal program allows inmates to “earn credits’ for early release by completing ‘programs’ to reduce recidivism. Apparently ‘Jussie’ completed his program early (before becoming an ‘inmate’)!

The federal “First Step” program has been hailed for both ‘saving money’ and ‘making our streets safer’ . The Chicago program has now made the city’s streets safer for Jussie and the cops will be much more alert to scary dudes wearing red hats and yelling ” this is MAGA country!”


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