J’accuse — Affaire de Mueller — except Mueller not innocent

This Conservative Treehouse / Last Refuge article by Sundance — What is in the full Mueller report? . . .  —  we think accurately describes the personality, the underhandedness the lies and distortions, the MO of the Swamp and their centurion Mueller.

Mueller was being outrageous, making questionably obtained grotesque criminal referrals which triggered partisan arrests designed for public consumption and intimidation, stringing the Russian collusion”investigation” along even though they knew there was no collusion by Trump  — all in order to increase anxiety and bait Trump to do anything they could then accuse of being obstruction of justice.  It didn’t work.

It does not bother the likes of Mueller however, because doing the swamp’s bidding means never having to say you are sorry, much less face punishment.

The article presents a descriptive case for the motivations behind what is a great political scandal. It resonated with us and believe it will for you as well.

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DLH and R Mall

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