Have the Chickens Overwhelmed the Fox House?

  • Today’s exercise: Your opinion on these opinions about Fox

International sign of distress

Don Surber at DonSurber.com writes:

Howard Kurtz regresses to CNN ways

“Fox News is unwatchable. Too many of its personalities are trying to impress their buddies at other news outlets. I used to tolerate Shep Smith, respect Chris Wallace, and like Neal Cavuto. Now I would rather watch the Kardashians.

“Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has reverted to his CNN form.”




Mr. Surber, in a recent column, is taking on Howard Kurtz, Fox’s “news analyst” for a recent appearance on Fox Business in which he criticized ‘THOSE ON THE RIGHT” for claiming that the Mueller report “completely exonerates” President Trump “as if there’s no damaging material in here”. This will be debated for months? years? At least ’til the next major news cycle. And, so what? The Democrats will charge ahead, full speed, as though the Report all but indicted the President, and will use some of the “damaging material” just as the Mueller team intended…as impeachment fodder.

We agree that Kurtz is trying too hard to be “fair and balanced”, and that he is obviously following the new Fox ‘party line’, laid down by the liberal “Murdoch boys”.

But where we caution Surber is in that Kurtz may be deemed the ‘last straw’, making Fox “unwatchable”.

However, we would contend that the network is STILL “watchable”.

But sadly, that in itself is an indictment of Fox because it ‘wins’ its enduring ‘watchability’ only because it still has some excellent conservative talent, even if a number of those we thought shared the ‘right’ view of the world have turned out to be pompous phonies, sniveling after James and Lachlan (the ‘Murdoch boys’) to ‘keep them on’. Also, of course,the addition of the liberal former Dem chairperson, Donna Brazile, to fortify sad old Juan (apparently “anything for a buck”) Williams and Fox’s ‘gay star’, Shep, has hardly enhanced the network’s “watchability”.

But, still, you want some semblance of accurate news and analysis, where else you gonna go? And, if ever there was a a great political entertainment antidote to the Late Night garbage (Colbert and Fallon, et al) and the odorous droppings of the once-good Saturday Night Live, Gutfeld and Waters provide it!

Now we are here referring to Fox cable news offerings, not Fox entertainment or Fox radio which is largely just another outlet for drive-by media repeating there themes, frankly no more balanced than others. Fair and balanced would be an effort to balance the tide, the pack journalism that goes on, not acceding so dependably to what others say is news or important or repeating their angle but actually be the balance.

There! Having said our piece, do you, readers, believe Fox Cable News network has become “unwatchable”?

And, more importantly, who would you say are the “watchable” and the “unwatchable” FoxNews personalities?

Like to hear you views.      DLH

More from Surber at his great blog site:

Howard Kurtz, meanwhile, has reverted to his CNN form.

Breitbart News reported, “On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast,’ Fox News Analyst and host Howard Kurtz stated that some people on the right ‘are going too far’ by claiming that the Mueller report completely exonerates President Trump “as if there’s no embarrassing or damaging material in here.’ He added that ‘too many’ people in the media aren’t accepting that there are no further charges.”

How is it not vindication?

The American news media — including many people on Fox News — said Donald John Trump colluded with the Russian government to rig the election in his favor.

Two years, $25 million, 500 witness and 2,800 subpoenaed documents later 16 Democrat lawyers and Bob Mueller could not find a smidgen of evidence of Russian Collusion.

There was none to be found because there was none.

The peeing prostitutes that CNN promised us do not exist.

I get that Kurtz is trying to play it up the middle by saying gee both sides were wrong but the problem is only one side was wrong.

The investigation vindicated President Trump of a very awful and unsubstantiated allegation brought by the highest officials in the Obama administration: Clapper, Comey and the Commie Brennan.

Fox News isn’t as bad as CNN in much the same way as poison ivy isn’t as bad as the German measles, but I don’t want to have either.

I would rather keep up with the Kardashians, thank you.

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2 Responses to Have the Chickens Overwhelmed the Fox House?

  1. Designated2 says:

    There are up and coming conservative subscription channels that we ought to promote

  2. Hubert Pries says:

    Cavuto and Wallace think they’re intelligent, but are just demonrat rejects trying to be demonrats. Shep is a turd and I won’t watch even with a gun to my head.

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