Is this Katy Barr the door?

So, Where’s All This Going?

Will Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham actually “get to the bottom of the government’s spying” on the Trump campaign and administration?

If they does, and it leads all the way to the Obama Oval Office, which we believe should be the obvious ultimate destination, will he expose it?

If he does, will the media insure that Obama is protected from the just repercussions?

What do you think?

Fox’s Juan Williams think this whole Barr “investigation” is ridiculous…”investigating the investigators. Harrumph!!”

The Democrats? Well, we all know what they think and what they’ll attempt to do. If Kirsten Gillibrand would publicly demand impeaching a Supreme Court Justice who votes against Roe v. Wade, what do you think she and her Party’s leadership, nominal and de facto, would do?

And how about that entire “Resistance” movement? You know. The one that readily resorts to violence when the traditional American ‘way’ of resolving differences doesn’t get them their way?

As we see it, here are the possible outcomes of the Barr investigation into the government plot to bring down the presidency, duly elected by the American people:

a) As media relentlessly attacks the investigation as purely political and “mean-spirited”, Congressional Democrats and, allowed or even joined by the traditionally timid Republicans, find Barr in contempt or at least succeed, at most, in having him removed from office as AG, or at least so discredited as to neutralize any effectiveness he could have. The resulting “findings” would be another ‘hyper-cautious’ statement like the last IG report which finds that there were”some within the DOJ and agencies who made some quite bad mistakes”, but there was no ‘political bias’ that was traceable to the Oval Office or even the highest levels of the then-administration.

b) Barr and Durham and the Inspector General, either due to continued successful stonewalling by the various law enforcement and national security agencies or, after learning how extensive and lawless the spying actions of those agencies and the nation’s highest political leaders were, will simply refuse to reveal it out of concern over` the horrendous damage to the national psyche such a report would produce . Some criminal referrals for various other “improprieties” may be made but none for the highest members of the various agencies, nor for the specific act of ‘treason’ implicit in their treacherous actions.

c) The Barr investigation will concur with the IG’s conclusions and will further conclude that serious criminal acts were committed by the leadership of the FBI and CIA, and some NSA officials. It will not go beyond that, however, to include the Oval Office nor to any of the highest ranking members of the Obama administration (Lynch, Brennan, Clapper, et al). Some criminal referrals and convictions will occur.

d) The IG’s report and the Barr investigation will find and report irrefutable evidence of widespread criminality among not only high ranking officials in the law enforcement and national security agencies but also on the part of the highest ranking members of the Obama administration up to and including Obama himself!

In our opinion, while it would be the truest justice for the insidious actions of the perpetrators, and, ultimately the most vital outcome for the preservation of all that the USA stands for, (d) is out of the question, easily the most unlikely to happen in the America we have become.

While (a) and (b) are not beyond the realm of possibility (in an age where a nasty buffoon like Joe Biden could be a front-runner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination and the rest of the field would advocate for Communism), we sincerely hope the Republic is not that far gone.

Despite the furious efforts by the media and the entertainment industry to discredit Barr and belittle the investigation and even promote physical assaults by “Resistance ” members on Trump supporters, and possibly the investigators, we believe that (c) is the most likely. The evidence uncovered by Barr, and the Inspector General that illegal spying by government agencies will be so irrefutable that a slim majority of the American people will demand action against the perpetrators (Comey , McCabe, Strzok, et al would most likely be the ones; probably not Yates, Rice, et al) .

The effect upon the nation, however, to take the scandal to to the logical conclusion as in (d) and result in indictments of Lynch, Brennan, and ultimately Obama himself, would have such far reaching and devastatingly divisive impact that it is unlikely the nation could survive in a form anywhere near its historic essence.

As a conservative, or even registered Republican you would find the neighbor you always considered ‘mildly liberal’, but a sober and friendly person, would overnight become your worst enemy, and rightfully feared as a violent threat! The national divisiveness resulting from a version of (d) would make the conflicts arising in and from the Civil War appear as mere parliamentary disagreements.



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  1. Designated2 says:

    I have a dream that children will one day live in a nation where wrong-doers will not be judged by who they know but what they did.

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