Another “Game Changer”! Really? How many does that make?

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Another “Game Changer”! Really? How many does that make?

Is this event that will blow the lid off the corruption, illegality, and unconstitutional activities of the Obama administration?

Folks on the right are all excited that, YES!, this is it!

But, is this the first time we’ve been here?

How many other “game changers” have we seen…only to have our hopes cruelly dashed.

We won’t try to recount all those other “game changers” but recall the various ‘revelations’ of the Devin Nunes congressional committee, the “Trey Gowdy” effort to “get to the bottom of the Strzok-Page scandal, the “explosive” reveal about the ” Uranium One Scandal”, and the
various breathless ‘scoops’ by Sara Carter and John Solomon on Hannity?

So, when the report broke early Thursday evening, pundits and congressional observers, and especially conservatives and Trump supporters everywhere were suddenly energized and optimistic!

This is it! Obama, Hillary, the Democrat ‘bozos’ (High Pockets, Pencil Neck, Mad Maxine), all 25 or 50 or 150 would be Democrat presidential nominees, were all “going down”.

The Republic Is Saved!! The “Game” Has “Changed”!!!

Apparently the Wall Street Journal wasn’t moved however.

The “Barr Gets Power to Declassify Probe Intel” blockbuster announcement was worth a page A4, one column, 20 or so column inches, edged to the far right side of the page by the “ASSANGE INDICTED ON NEW CHARGES” story.

We’ll report more on this story to give the Veritaspac’s ‘unique’ perspective, but here’s a couple thoughts we have initially:

– The Journal notes that Trump’s action has “little precedent”. No kidding?! Only Trump thus would have the rudeness to do something that had ‘little precedent’. What will all those “precedent-fearing” Republicans do!? “Gloom, despair, and agony on the GOP!”

– The Trump memo directs Barr to work closely with CIA’s Gina Haspel, National Intelligence’s Dan Coats, and FBI Director, Chris Wray. Well, that should go well…these three, to the delight of the media refuted much of Trump’s effort to declare a “National Emergency” regarding the invasion of the southern border. In issuing their “threats assessment’, these three didn’t even list it as one of the challenges in their “worldwide threat assessment”! (

Here’s a Veritaspac “crazy” prediction: If Barr insists that Chris Wray turn over the ‘documents’ the FBI has stubbornly withheld from Congress, WRAY WILL THREATEN TO RESIGN!

More later. DLH

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