Trump and tariffs on Mexico

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Two farmers were neighbors. One ask the other if he knew where he could buy a mule to pull his plow as his had died. The neighbor said that he had an extra mule and was willing to sell it to him. The seller told the buyer that he need to treat the animal with the utmost kindness just as he had always done. “Don’t speak harshly or curse at him, just be gentle and he will work very hard for you.” “Alright,” says the buyer, and they struck a deal.

The new owner took the mule home and hitched him up to his plow and began working the field. The mule pulled the plow for a couple of hours but suddenly stopped. The farmer left the plow handles and walked around to the front of the mule to have some gentle words. He then returned to the handles of the plow and request that the mule once again begin pulling the plow but the mule wouldn’t move. More gentle requesting and urging got no response and the mule just stood there. Into the farmhouse he goes and calls up the neighbor, who he purchased the mule from, and told him of his dilemma and that nothing seemed to get the mule moving again. The neighbor said, “I’ll be right over.”

The neighbor shows up carrying a four foot long 2X4. “What are you going to do with that?” inquired the new owner. “Watch,” said the neighbor. He walked in front of the mule and smacked it between the eyes with the 2X4. In shock the new owner shouted, “I thought you said to be gentle and speak kindly!” “I did, but there are times when you have to first get his attention.”

That is how President Trump got the Mexican government to cooperate with halting the invasion at our Southern border.

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