Hey, no kidding? Any Trump appearance or Trump supported national event is “feared” by Democrats.

And this is one that to suggest that Democrats might “fear” it is a no brainer.

July 4 is a , if not THE, nation’s Patriotic Holiday.

And if you haven’t caught on yet, it is PATRIOTISM that Democrats really “fear”! Show me a Democrat politician, especially all those would-be presidential candidates, who don’t firmly believe that “America Never Was Great”!

Although only the dumbest, like New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually say that out loud. Most all the others hide their feelings, identical to those expressed by Cuomo, and say stuff intended to make ordinary Americans think they actually like this nation and are proud to be Americans.

But they can’t hide it when President Donald Trump makes a public display of how much he loves America, an emotion shared by most of his fellow Americans.

So, when the President sets a day for a massive celebration of this nation, its founding, its values, its history, and its many great contributions to the world, Democrats and their media lackeys are naturally going to “fear” it…and for them, yes, it IS ‘political’.

So,on this July 4 take a page from Barack Obama’s book of etiquette. When you see a Democrat trembling at the sight of the American flag or at the sound of the national Anthem being played, “get in his/her face” and say, “God Bless America”!      DLH

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